Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 20, 2015

All people are chosen people and their divine purpose is to move out of their heart

There are good people and bad people in all cultures. We pertain to certain groups defined by nations, interests and faith.

Certain religions pretend to be an extension of a wrathful God instead of a spark of its highest powers of love and light making them take on “powers” as Gods to fulfill what they percieve as their mission but then if you add ego to it, humans love the ego, then they want to be bigger than God and take Gods place of judgement and punishment ( which actually happens completely naturally (without any human interference) when someone chooses a negative path, stepping out of the lifegiving light and love and into the dark -you can compare this to stepping off a cliff…you are not standing on a valid foundation).


Some of these people honor (and love) gold, diamonds, money and territory as their God and will even sacrifize their own children in endless struggles for material power and territory.

One example of this are the tribe that define themselves as jews; they always live in fear because they always overstep ther boundaries ( literally), analyzing them objectively they represent and culture of greed where terror and life threats is part of everyday life, that is, they will threaten people to their lives and then get scared when they answer back with the same recipe.

Because what you give IS what you get, any physicist knows that.


Their behaviour has triggered many mortal enemies throughout history no matter where on Earth,  making it worth analyzing why people react in this way.


It is also well known that they look down on ALL other groups of people on this Earth, everyone included, considering themselves superior thus they can freely tell people what to do, use others as slaves, use their organs, use their women as prostitues,  or pay them less etc etc.Just like the nazis.

Considering their extensive education one would think they should know that if you only relate to 12 families from the same area on Earth you will create inbreeding, a sick gene pool, a lower immunesystem and inherited diseases.

In these recent violent attacks Mr Avigdor is not thankful for the efforts of Europe in trying to protect his hebrew people he openly questions if Europe is really capable, the question here is not whether we are capable or not but fact is that their openly violent behaviour is triggering MORE violence and he is clearly puttng a lot of innocent scandinavians and other europeans in danger.

Love & Light




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