Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 27, 2015

Ice Cold Women

There are plentyful of them, possibly they have been treated badly, been abused, used or ignored as young, although some do what their parents set them up to do out of comfort and not following their heart thus they aren,t that passionate about what they do and have problems with nerves and etc and choose to feel very little or nothing when relating to other humans, tend to take drugs and/or have problems with alcohol.

Many of them are quite materialistically inclined and most to the extreme excess. They will walk over dead people to get where they want, remove “obstacles” at any cost, revenge themselves without remorse, manipulate all the events they can get a hand on. Their ego is big and the empathy is zero.


In relationships their choices reflect their expectations, the man has to be materialistically ” endowed”, probably real busy, these are oftentimes busy with mistresses only perpetuating her cold behavior. She is never really content although she has “everything” , is most probably a perfectionist to the extreme and needs constant approval, lives through the man she is in a relationship with and her worth depends on that of the man she is with.

Spirituality to these people have to be related to their physical, yoga never goes beyond her need for fitness,meditation to them doesn,t go beyond mindlessness, thinking nothing, detachment fits perfectly with their own personal agenda searching for joy, another great excuse to think more about oneself.

Women whos wealth come from others can never feel generous, its not hers to give away, it,s a wealth that you have no control of and that, if you are unlucky, get a divorce, get cut off will terminate so the focus is on covering her personal needs in eternity.

Women by culture and tradition are seldom in charge of the wealth made by men unless passed down by family and only through the window of education or the arts will she acquire freedom and influencial power.

Woman is ¬†additionally by culture guided and trained since little to do “feminine things” and only a few free minds delve into areas dominated by men and even fewer go into those areas with the nurturing, humane and empathic powers of woman, once again through the education are taught to approach tasks with the mind if a man.

Love & Light




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