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Intelligence is related to spirit of justice, solidarity and empathy

In a study realized by a Doctor in Education and Psychologist Daniela Zamora Zumbado in Costa Rica she found that there is a relation in between intelligence and the spirit of justice, solidarity and empathy.

Highly intelligent children were more inclined to cooperate with others, they showed capacity in organizing the group and were compassionate towards the pain of others.

The conclusion would be to support these valuable traits in these children that could suffer in a system that absorbs them, do not recognize them and even discriminate them by modifying the curriculum towards the novel, creative and inventive and much less repetition of basic concepts, and much more towards superior brain processes with the focus always on moral training.

A solution to our world problems woudd be exactly that, to upgrade the intelligence level in every person since intelligence is partly genetical but the right environment can actually stimulate intelligence over time.

“Children inherit practical intelligence, which is the knowledge that comes from the way your parents communicate with you. According to the study, middle-class families spend more time with their children than lower-class families.

During that time, they teach their children how to speak and interact with other people, how to treat them and how to solve social problems.

This establishes and develops self-esteem, a quality that works in your favor for a lifetime.

“In many cultures it is believed that whatever you do, the results always depends on the fate or on God’s will.” Thus, it implies that how much you work does not affect the outcome.

On the other hand, most Asian cultures believe that everything depends on you and your hard work. The harder you work, the more you get, and if you do not succeed, then you must not have tried hard enough. So, yes, your ethnicity does matter for you to be a successful or intelligent person.

Overall, the lesson to be learned here is that you shouldn’t let your intelligence and/or lifestyle be the slave of your genes.

Everything depends on you.

Certain aspects do affect this, but it is only the attitude that injects you with the drive to do or not to do.”

The Truth About Intelligence: Is It Genetically Inherited Or Earned?

Intelligence has been defined in many different ways such as in terms of one’s capacity for logic, abstract thought, understanding, self-awareness, communication, learning, emotional knowledge, memory, planning, creativity and problem solving. Wikipedia


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