Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 26, 2014

From Sex to Love and Perceptive Feeling

A raising in consciousness also means that from the instinctual need to attract and to procreate to preserve the species ( 1st chakra), after you have done that, preferable at an age where you are strong, fertile and with a gene pool that is as opposite from where you stand as possible, to ensure strength and health, you should really mature into something higher, a steady stream of nurturing love coming from your heart( 4 th chakra), embracing and once you are settled in the spiritual third eye ( 6th chakra),you should be able to feel that connection from a distance because heartfelt love is instant, the moment you feel love towards your child or someone they feel it that moment. That moment, they feel your warmth, presence and obvious transparent connection as fast as you transmit the feeling, no need to textmessage, call, send images or prove it.

It is what it is.

You also start to sub- consciously and consciously connect with people on the same ” love level”.

People run by their head ( erratic mind) often need to lower their awareness and consciousness with alcohol or with other means to get into unconscious sexual relationships( knock yourself out) to complete the act.

There is an immaturity in older people that still hunt for sex, that, when a body part flashes before their eyes or is even mentioned, their imagination go wild,they see red and become blinded by their desires.

Your sense of what is considered fun also changes, someone that is highly sensitive and enjoy when the subtle wind touches their skin, an act of kindness, peace of mind, enigmas and birdsong, does not enjoy dramas, getting drunk, trying to get all the sexual attention, loose sex or stampeding the neighbourhood like a buffalo.


Love and Light




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