Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 23, 2014

Fear won,t get you there

Good things come to those who wait although Daniel del Barco, a talented local shoe maker was about as angry as I  get when things were moving to slow, maybe to slow for fast minds or for those who mentally are already there, at the goal, so the physical dragging everything into place creates some sort of dissonance- a crack in time.

The contrasts of the natural beauty, flow and ease with the clumsy reality that just isn,t visibly there… yet… thus giving us more time for extreme perfection, maybe a much better solution.

We are feeling compassion, full love and higher vibration but seeing something totally different sort of pulling you out and away from the blissful state you want to be in, where is floats, not jerks,  where your smile isnt,t truncated by a “shitty” event, where you tranquilly walk onto the passing ship, not missing it and having to catch up in a speed boat to then jump.

I guess instant manifestations is what we are looking for although you would have to be good at holding a specific positive thought, not to manifest every single one of your fears, at high speed .


Paolo Coelho


Good things are there for those who perceive them and capture the moment presented.

Love and Light




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