Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 1, 2014

Buddha at the Bar- A Song You Will Never Forget

Buddha at the Bar


They are a kind of Buddha but now they are at the bar

Being real faraway, falling over in a sunny dance

Haven,t been given another chance just to awake the next day in a foggy, grey groggy lapse of time

Without a dime to eat nor to be concrete in a move

It is a gobbling wobbling gnome with a goblet

Unlike the one in that colourful pamphlet

A sample of a special kind with no cursing on their mind

Nursing an upcoming wave in a Positron rave

With a cranky wicked cut having been offered to many hanky panky pancakes

Tired with dealing and being dealt with as a man with a problem

While wearing an emblem of knowing it all, in the swearing he falls

With a too chocking answer to a youth working in truth and all

Moving the ball for them all settling into researching

A surprisingly not so pricey version of world diversion

Avoiding the spurts of guilt in a scattered distribution

In a paranoid short time solution

With no conclusion about feeling better about ones existence

Nor giving anyone a chance moving in some shallow dance

In a concrete jungle of grasping in a too fast desperate groove while gasping

If you keep on spinning back to the same spot you might just rot out of boredom in your Dome

With one sore and departed Heart, split and splintered, she might depart

A newlywed lays in a bed of lies with a documented trust in a

-If you absolutely must fall over in an interaction attraction

I may unhook the crook that looked into a hesitant future

As the Children of The Dawn are saving it all

Working hard in preventing the fall

Erasing the in between in a cooperation operation they move a giant collaboration

Opening up the rivers of life by helping the People arise

Leaving the anger behind and lifting up their kind

In an active soothing movement of spinning ahead

We are really far ahead

Coming in early as a shining light in a future that is completely right

Real sensitive in a too weird world to be laying in some Milky Way curdle

These are the Buddhas that teach us the need to feed

Showing us the changes undone, getting rid of that verbal gun

With no time to be loosing there is an importance in choosing

It is not too cool to be cold or to scold

This is when you find yourself old

A tired, wired up time bomb, a walking zomb

They helped you to get hooked and then they looked

At a kite flying higher than any kite with a Right

About to become an even brighter Knight

In a sensitive soul role

Coming down on a pillow of down feathering while taking off his leathering and

Confronting a sultry Poultry laying there and laying eggs



From The Ark of Noah

Love & Light




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