Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 31, 2014

Cabo Blanco – A True Pearl in The Pacific

I was walking in the sunrise and I thought to myself, its soo beautiful here, se serene, the morning light is amazing, then an afternoon walk and the blue, green Pacific ocean in at least 14 shades, the horizon with two fishermen at the shore and I thought to myself, I am so lucky, this is spectacular. A future Evian, but better.

More than that this country, Costa Rica, is mind blowing in its beauty, not one day is ever alike, but precious, the wild life is crazy and unpredictable.In contrast to many islands or other country side places I have visisted this place is never boring and its self sufficient, at least it could be with better organization.

The journalism and literature is excellent, every problem is aired out and honestly placed in front of the people and its leaders.

The real costa rican people, not the calculating sheming, conniving types that do exist but don,t count, the ones that define this country, are soo funny and sweet in a way that remind me of my grandparents village, in the north of Sweden, they carry a grounded simplicity and spark that is unusal to find in these days.




Aquel que no ama las nubes

 que no vaya al Ecuador

Henri Michaux


justo en la mitad del mundo

las nubes

perros del aire

viajan directamente al sur

nubes que Michaux amó

como se suele amar a los lobos

esos pastores fieles de las montañas

en medio de la cintura del planeta

en el punto cero cero cero

donde convergen el yin y el yang

hay un hombre dividido

entre una línea imaginaria

y los rayos perpendiculares

que deja caer el sol


sobre estas cimas

donde la razón trazó sus coordenadas

y orientó el desasosiego de su miedo

aquí en el Ecuador

hay un hombre fervoroso

cantándole al ombligo de la Tierra

Osvaldo Sauma. Nació en Costa Rica, en 1949. Es Poeta.


Love & Light




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