Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 19, 2014

When Centroamerica stops the poverty culture disease the symtptoms will disappear

In my country if a family is suffering economical problems affecting the peace of mind of its family members the society comes in and helps, here they have a lot of institutions full of  full of technically trained people that are not doing their job, it is as if they are stunned with very little initiative and inspiration, maybe they are not sure about the impact they could make if they only moved on things.They live day by day with no long term planning and the law system is made to make advances difficult, not to facilitate living. Faith in God is big only when things go wrong, not before.  When they think themselves set up, nothing else matters, there is planty of wamth without compassion, action without thought, its a society built on a strong matriarchy but where on the negative side some women also become experts at manipulation.It,s also surprising to me that people that have spent long times abroad educating themselves or working haven,t returned all excited and bent on changing their systemto the better considering that for example Costa Rica is a very small country. How can you live here and not react unless you live in perpetual denial, in psychological terms the national defense mechanism would be suppression ( forgetting about things and  removing unwanted memories from conscious awareness) ,daydreaming (where one starts imaging thing which is not happening to him in real life) and denial (refuse to accept the reality that he is in problems).


We are takling about entire nations in stress and anxiety and children not getting enough attention reacting in all kinds of ways.

Unfortunately, if a woman suffers from parents that didn,t care a sickly, psychically vulnerable mother that lives alone overwhelmed by her responsibilities abandoned by a cold loveless  father, she might reject her children which leads to actions like agression and problem making, criminality and accident prone children. They react in this way to get attention, or the father is alcoholic or addict that is hard on the kids and the mother overly easy in her upbringing of them. An abandoned mother might not really love her child but care for it meticulously out of guilt, something the child might feel making it clingy or difficult while she its distant. Most psychogical problems seem to stem from a disrespectful past, a disloyal, cheating father and an over protective mother, obsessed with all the catastrophies on the news, trying to cover up. Mothers who loose their own personality when married confusing the children about keeping their own selves and not dissolve into another being,. The “perfect” families that cover up emotions and priding themselves on being so under control that the child instead of releasing their emotions in a socially acceptable way may take it out on themselves or other children.

15-20% of youth in cities are suffering stress from sounds and other impressions. People in large groups tend to react aggessively due to the tensions that is why they enjoy soccer games and other events where they can roar feely to discharge their aggression in an acceptable way.

Its time to get going here or we will remain in

TheEternal Cycle of Problems Unresolved.


Love and Light




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