Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 24, 2014

Love and Trust

Love and Trust

For all of you that have parents that do not care at all about you, that define their appreciation of you depending on if you can set them up financially or that want to control what you do and how you do it without respect for who you are and without really haven,t done anything for you that even gives them the right nor do they even understand what it is that you are doing due to their limited intellectual capacity, I can only say;

I KNOW how hard it is when you can,t even trust your nearest.

So who can you trust?

I had always trusted in God since little even if I didn,t call it God then, it was more like FLOW, an energetic, positive, trusting and expansive energy that couldn,t be stopped and that opened all my doors. Always.

I found God in a deeper way when I felt incredible alone, when I had been real harmed by the people closest to me and those who searched me out to take advantage of my kindness. I went into ( and still do) deep meditations and was given love, hope ideas, books, music, poetry,  a constitution for the world, private solutions, world solutions, solutions and more solutions and all this made me feel strong again, I knew my powers and my excitement for life came back.

Trust in God. God is Love with no conditions and is always there for you.


Love and Light




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