Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 9, 2014

Rolando Lacle – Questionable lawyer suggested by the Costa Rican Embassyacle

When I bought my property at the early age of 19 I had been informed by the embassy which ones was the best lawyers and they said Rolando Lacle was the one you could trust, now why is it that he asked me along with Richard Guy to send the money ahead of the closing contract at the final payment since BN. the national bank  of Cobano, for some reason would keep the money for a month ( to make interest on it  pretending that that was the rule) to then show me the contract with Richard Guy owning half of my investment?

And not only they had put me as the secretary and him as the President, of course, since Costa Rica is sexist and I was just the woman that was slaving to pay for it all.

I r-e-f-u-s-e-d to sign it claiming that this was just a boyfriend and if he wanted a  small % I could pòssibly be okay with that but half, no way.

They would NOT change the papers, which makes it a fraud but as a top lawyer in a totally7 corrupt country can manipulate every judge to NOT go in my favor….even when I am the only one that can prove where thay money comes from and that I payed taxes on it.

Rolando Lacle refused to redo the contract, after years when he was caught fast asleep at the church vote that would decide  if costa rican women should be able to represent the church or not he  supposedly he awoke for a second and said:

– Of course, not,  women could absolutely could not be priests

rolando lacle

I understood that he has judged me as” just a woman” ,  and it surprises me that he would take that risk not knowing how I move, that I am swedish asnd that I KNOW my rights and that now I would like to see how they would take responsibility for that careless action and prove where Mr Guy got that money, where he payed taxes for that. Even if they attempt to falsify documents and buy the whole world they will still have to deal with God and THAT will be incredibly satisfying.

Aya- Karin Thorgren



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