Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 2, 2014

I have recieved my invitation to Exhibit of Aldo Fallai -The Great Photographer of Armani

Just thinking of Aldo Fallai makes my smile because he is one of those people that I will never, ever forget, his genious and joie de vivre.
A man whose visuals unite with the flow of life, one of the very few great ones.
You can really experience the art in his photography, he has such a feel and a great eye for beauty, another reason why he is sooo fast too, he doesn,t miss those special moments and always captures the essence of the soul... When you work with him you are soo exited to see the result because you just know that he captured something more deeper, maybe even the secret in her eyes.

Can,t wait to see it!


Giorgio Armani by Aldo Fallai Model Aya Thorgren



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