Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 1, 2013

The Unconscious Vegan

Veganism cut out all of the worlds most potent aphrodisiacs, meats, but this doesn,t mean that vegans pray in celibacy all day (which should almost be expected IF they actually wanted to even seem of a “higher” consciousness, that is, enlightened to the effects of careless sexuality leading to abandoned children forgotten by their fathers.)

Many vegans must be very heavy souls possibly reflecting a need to learn the first steps of compassion with beings they can still control somehow. Innocent animals. Some of them shown signs of incredible cruelty against their very own species judging more than God in their decisions to manipulate for example a woman to get what they want out of her( sex or money or both, like a good friend said; Us men, we listen and all to all the wisdom of woman etc etc but deep inside all we are thinking of how to get that woman into bed) and then possibly starve their very own child, at least have it live in lack with a struggling mother at its side but pretend to raise mammals and beasts to glory and respect… now this is obviously questionable….

Have you noticed how certain vegans do think they are cooler than s…t,  they think  they know it ALL and are today some of the most arrogant beings on this Planet and it surprises me that after finding out how a less dense diet can make you move in lighter and joyfuller ways, how they still delve choose to delve in the darkness, maybe its too much consciousness coming in at the same time for them to handle.

Eating raw, unprocessed and healthy foods doesn,t help much in raising someone,s vibration if they started out from an extremely low consciousness starting point. There is much more to it that cleansing just body, then comes mind.

They look healthy  and they are continously ( still)  detoxifying, but their words and actions don,t concord with higher paths.


This one is for you Larry!

Love and Light




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