Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 16, 2013

Every Garden Woman Needs to Know How To Sharpen Her Machete



If I stand in this “crossing”, I smell both the orange blossom and there jazmin.

The aromatherapy flowers are in full bloom, its time for a trimming, to sharpen the so very organic machete and secateur.
Trimming hedges, cuttings and brain storming transplanting shapes with my son, after the hot chili pepper and papaya circle, the herbal, lily drop, the jazmin wave…now…the myrtle spiral…life couldn,t get more exciting than this!

I am looking at the 9 paths leading into the center of the garden a vibrating, pulsating, place of divine symmetry, the unexpected , every being moves through for a reason, catching the vibration, expanding.
Every path is love, every direction is love, every choice is love
Surrounded by so much beauty its almost burning my eyes.
Magical and mystical, earthy and lush….plush.

Floating as if in a dream, buts its real, its has feel and its all loving…feeling safe.

As I close my eyes I see beautiful flower and leaf patterns… I see only a piece of the whole and it goes on forever.
I ended up doing the sun salutation and more at sunset, in pure celebration of natures vibrating beauty smiling to myself…I am in a good place

Love and Light



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