Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 13, 2013

Scan All Events- Weapons of Mass Distraction


We all have been in a situation where people waste your time.
There are only 24 h in a cycle and 12 of them have light and you need to be moving on things, so if you are on it, you go for the opportunities and if you are not then you waste my time.

People claim they need you, they call you, they set up a meeting, whatever it is , it takes your rime and money and then…n-o-t-h-i-n-g important happening, lol, in the worst case it will be accompanies by a lame poem or even a spiritual quote.

Now, you have wasted hours that I could have spent on something p-r-o-d-u-c-t-i-ve you see.

Once you are at a $2500 a day level and then $10,000 you don,t EVER go down again, you KNOW your value and the fact that you can focus on other things on free days that is pertintent to your $ 10,000 days instead of wasting your time with cheap/ confusingly organized proyects where they give you no respect and the way they are moving is only tireing you out.



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