Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 1, 2013

A -Type Personality, Cero Stress Mode and Healthy Risks

atypeI happened to see this message in the newspaper every day: Diaz de cero estres, cero stress.

Your body has a natural rhythm of action and rest so when your body feels like moving, move when its tired, rest. There is always a solution to all problems and it will come to you when you need it.
I came to the realization that people do have different ambitions when a friend reminded me that I was an A Type personality. I do search out people of the same kind not to always be frustrated with the result or even the conversation.
I am seeing that certain people are always playing it WAY safe and that is why they never reach the heights. They never go for the opportunities but end up splurging on something totally worthless and shortlasting.
I end up working mostly with the same people as in the past, just because I know how they work, they know me, I know that they work, that they are people with discipline, a vision, ambition and widespectra ( can easily handle many things at the time). They take healthy risks, they know when to move on somethi8ng on time, before the hype, ahead of the time. Pioneering it. These are people that know when to move on things or invest, by hunch, instinct- Oh, this feels good and they go for it and they make things happen and its always a success because they know work and what it takes, perfect planning and fearless action.



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