Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 29, 2013

Modern Society, Self- Reliance, Lust or Love

sv. jucka kan alla gora men fa kan alska i rytm

The difference between lust and love

Many, many men will lust after you and do what they can to conquer you sexually ( or even financially), but very few, maybe only one will love and respect you.

Learn how distinguish the two. Does that person treat you kindly at ALL times, does he worry about you being okay, does he ask you if you need anything. Is there a natural exchange? Does he L-O-V-E ?

Or is he a manipulative brat that on one hand tries to ice coldly squeeze as much out of you as he possibly can and then seems bothered with your needs? Is he not giving you anything, ever? Is he not treating you right? Does he even listen when you speak or want to change you somehow?

One way to figure it out quickly is to analyze your own feelings about that person. Is he exactly what you imagined in your dreams or just a maybe possibly?

If you go maybe possibly and after two weeeks of knowing eachother it is an absolute no no, then if you were smart you have avoided the whole thing, you were hallucinating.

Ex. You love to laugh, adventure, sports and trees and he is a stiff and strict office type that shows nervous and irritable traits has as sensitive stomach, can,t dance , is a verbally abusive drinker and thinks environmental issue are not really relevant.

I suggest you avoid relationships with much older men, its just doesn,t seem right, too much of convenience and it has that pedofiliac promiscuous feel to it. I seriously doubt that your twin soul/ partner in life will come with that giant of an age difference, that makes absolutely no sense.

If you are from a serviceable culture and in need you might be taken advantage of by a 1 st world man that could,nt play that cheap game in his home country.I would consider this a relationship of convenience. Men that have gone through expensive divorces are drawn to this. Don,t expect to be treated with respect, they are looking for something fun, light and easy with no responsibilities, and it will last for as long as you quietly serve.

Love and Light



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