Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 23, 2013

How Pain and Suffering can be real but also an Illusion


No matter how much pain and suffering you go through, you can program your mind to focus on the good things in life and this creates a space for the universal forces to free you up of your pain and suffering and heal you right up!

A lot of pain and even dis-ease originate in stress, anxiety and panic caused by factors like certain family situations, work environment, high expectations or other tensions.

Suffering may be caused by greed, disrespect or even ignorance. Others or your own.

You can choose to completely relax and let go of you pain and suffering and know that if you open up to it, there are millions of great outcomes and solutions if you just TRUST that all problems CAN be resolved.

In spite of all the drama in this world you are going to be okay , its IS going to work out.
You can be sure about that so let it come to you!

Do anything you can to relax!
Get a massage from a family member or professional, listen to good music, watch a fun movie, whatever it takes to make you smaile again.

And when you smile, the whole World smiles with you. You deserve it!

Love and Light



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