Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 18, 2013

The Power and Effects of Love


Your love makes me happy
Happy about life
There is hope, exitement about the future and peace of mind
I feel powerful, beautiful and grateful
I knew it would take me long due to all the distractions
all the imperfect interactions but
when I would reach God,s goal
It would come as a big surprise and the whole world would rise
Alone we can go far
But together we are a powerhouse
I can help you along the way in every way
Tears of joy and relief run down my face
I was almost giving up on the human race
My energies were low with a faint glow
Until you showed you care
It made me all aware that without love
nothing here makes any sense
not even making friends
as if the point had been lost…at the highest cost
I thought I was on the wrong planet
until I knew the plants and the Children, so good and giving, living.

Love and Light



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