Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 6, 2013

God Is Protection – Hold The Light

Elijah In Pure White Light

No importa como te derriben en la vida porque eso va a suceder, lo unico que interesa es como te levantes ”
It doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life, ’cause that’s gonna happen. All that matters is that you gotta get up.”
Ben Affleck

I feel like Bruce Lee, fighting the dark forces, sending them back what they are trying to throw my way. And just when I thought it was finally over.
Actions are proof and a colorful open confession to peoples true intentions.
I feel empowered, nothing can bring me down, everyday I get new opportunities but now no lower energies seem to touch me, they seem even desperate that they can,t get to me and their efforts are getting more and more intense.
But I don,t even cry anymore as you try and hurt me
like I said, it is getting more and more difficult to alter my state of mind now

The moment I step in she cant help herself, the witch/ mother/ negative spirit is insulting, taking up my short but precious time , I really only want to zoom in and then out and back into my Paradise, the energy is heavy, her chickens are flying in my face. I have 3 amazing opportunities in front of me and I have to move fast not to be affected, she says, you only have 5 minutes, (but the phoneline is really in my name, the landlord wouldn,t give her one and the only reason I am even there is because my home phone is cut off since she asked my son to lend her that money when I asked him to bring it from town, and he passed there on the way back, to drop off his boards, and he assumed she needed it, as good as he is …and we ended up short, so imagine)

I cover my ears so that I can focus, I notice my whole body is shaking with indignation but I don,t feel the emotion, she even tries to make fun of that fact in a childish way copying me and stuttering, ( and I realize that now I am totally disgusted by her) but I still keep on going, all my soul is saying is God , be with me now, repeatedly, its an obvious spiritual warfare of the worst kind, she is standing to my right and my right shoulder starts aching, sharp pains but I still keep on moving, contracts, call the lawyer, go, go go after 2,5 minutes she goes, are you ready yet??? I need to call and I need to be alone!!! Then she turrns on the television at a very high volume and turns to me and confesses;- I am going to stop you, no matter what, in everything you do, you will never make it out of here.
( right here I understand she is demonic)
I keep on going, I can see she is enjoying that I am under pressure, which is a sad realization, she knows that if I can,t focus 100% I might make a mistake, or forget a detail, something that can potentially ruin everything or at least delay it for certain.

A friend sent me Light, Thank You, I needed that, Bless You,Bless You.

She repeats all her invented stories while I am working in the background, tapping her foot and says -This is what the people think
and I look at her and say: – What matters is the Truth, not what people think, that what you say , you can say into the eyes of God if God stood in front of you, that is the only thing that matters.
and that is when she looses it and pulls out the cable disconnecting the computer…

As I leave I hear her speaking on the phone to the man that sells her lottery tickets in town
…that was why I had to leave…

All of a sudden everything made sense.

It hit me right there that In between her and four other people, almost all of them family members and close and the last 6th one, omg, that I am living a completely abnormal insanity ( I knew that) but now I am awakened to the fact that I am surrounded by negative spirits on a very specific mission, that every single one of them have, expressed and acted upon, in different ways, their deeply set wish to experience my death and total destruction.
I have always somehow known but now I clearly understood how powerful and important I am, that I am here for something BIG and how important it is that I be even stronger.

TIPS! These negative spirits have a specific strategy and it works like this, every day in one way or the other they create a problem to cause stress in your life, it has to be everyday or you would be too rested in between and it wouldn,t work, it is easier to handle stress if it,s once a month, if you know what I mean, and they seem to work together as a team, (they might not be aware of it, but the sure get along, (like my mother and my ex husband totally highfive oneanother) but if its not one, its the other, and the actions, goals and energies are exactly the same. It is at this point predictable, you don,t know exactly from which one of them or exactly when, but you know it will come, these kind of people never seem to change into the better and if you are telepathic you get a vision or a feel for the energy of the place you are going, of that person and you will choose another direction, you choose to avoid it, go anywhere but there, cut off the relationship. ( if you can, and if you for any reason can,t, do everything possible, take every single step to get to that point of freedom from negativity, of cutting off completely because you don,t want to catch yourself with that look of terror in your face every single day in the middle of Paradise making NYC seem like a vacation)

The father of my oldest son for example always puts him in danger, for example, he is completely insane and dangerous, and its egal in this country, something that will exasperate a mother and then we cut and life smiles again and then he lures him back again, he gives and takes away, suppress me and ruins my business so that he seems better and can give more and I cant do anything now he is over 18 and can make his own decisions and they fight about every 3 days, so imagine the stress.

Wouldnt you know it, my son ( one of the best surfers in the country) shows up today at 10 p.m. after walking for hours, having to leave everything behind, his father had LOST IT because he forgot to remind him to buy dog food and so he takes his dinner and gives it to the dog and then starts jumping up and down and wants to fist fight, he pulls out his martial arts stick and gets ready to beat him up and my son RUNS away. He fell asleep trembling as I was holding him he said, -I love it when you hug me.

You see, I told you this was insanity and I wonder how many more are living like this, in fear, ALL day.

The challenge is to stay calm and focus on the great things that are happening that day, totally and completely on those and not get caught up in their game, no matter how hard they try, the moment you do, you lower your energy and vibration and so all the good, high vibration projects fall through.


Love and Light



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