Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 5, 2013


imaginationAfter you let go of the past, all the difficulties, the burdens, the misunderstandings, the negative people that won,t give you the respect you deserve, the thoughts of this and that passing through your mind that might even be projected unto you, and seal your body and soul in pure Light, in perfect health, loving yourself unconditionally, you will feel a great relief.

You will experience a peace of mind beyond explanation, a purity, the day looks brighter, sunnier and more vibrating than your other days.

There will be no more problems to analyze because you have seen through it all and understood how strong you really are, that you can be all- knowing and understand why things are the way they are and become the change.
In fact, through your very own personal experience you will understand the world and you can help heal many others.
When you know that your emotions and anger shift the weather into a storm, then you know your power. You will understand the immense force of energy and vibrations and how you make a difference in this world.

Some of us are on lone wolf missions and stay in it until we have done our part, because the moment we find our tribe and true loves, we just might let go and choose to sit fully in that bliss.

If your relatonship didn,t work out, it wasn,t meant to be, maybe a very special, important child for this world was born of that union of love and that was the only reason you met.

Maybe an important lesson was learned. Something that helped your own personal development and the world at large.

You can,t judge someone who is on an innocent search for that special someone and thought they had found it but it wasn,t right and they had to let go.Some people had ulterior motives that we did not at first see.

We all know, deep inside what it is we are searching for, someone that won,t let go that easy, that treats us with respect and kindness, that understand that we have important things to do and that do not feel separate when we are far away, someone that trusts you no matter what, that has no paranoias or low self -esteem, someone that is fully there when you are together, someone not soo easily distracted by outside influences, someone on an important mission and path that gives them fulfillment, happiness and inner peace, someone that reflects the immense power we feel in ourselves, someone that by instinct comes in to protect you when in danger, someone that loves children and everything good and innocent. Someone that loves you so much they want to meet you in your dreams and let you know they love you, no matter what, no matter where you are and no matter what you do.

And keep your eyes wide open or you might end up like I did, I just sat on some burning ants and my butt is on FIRE…lol…

Have Trust in Life and in God.

Love and Light



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