Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 4, 2013

Why all -isms are really only theories on paper

Its admirable wanting to create a society where all the wealth is evenly spread amongst all of its citizens IF that is what actually is offered BUT from personal experience with all due respect for the way the cuban citizens are HIGHLY educated, eat organics and recycle their vehicles which is very intelligent and a sign of a much higher than average level society than what we see anywhere today, but what is the point if people feel like they live in lack and despair? Or it is so that the people that were overly materialistically inclined and greedy really only suffered because whatever they had there was always more to get felt like they had to leave because it was just not enough what his society offered with the perfect excuse that Fidel himself and his closest and successfull compatriotas live MUCH better and have more than the average cuban so really the original idea of communism had been thwarted into something that wasn,t the society they had initially presented and fought so hard for; prosperity and independance for the country and for all of its citizens. And if they where going to have capitalism they wanted it at least with freedom of speech.

What I have noticed are actions like the moment they get out, they get obsessed with hoarding everything from foods, clothes, material goods and like and sharing it is the absolute last thing they want to do since they all, from the day they were born live in suspicion and the psychological downfall of lack of faith and fear that they will for sure one day be without thus they must manipulate the whole world and all their family members to give them what they never where allowed to have .

Now what good has that done to the World?

Love and Light



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