Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 28, 2013

The Real Spiritual Man

It has always fascinated me to see how many men ( and even women) that see themselves as higher consciousness beings somehow justify many sexual relationships.
I can clearly say that if you do have excessive amount of sex with many many beings, or even always fantasising about it while in a relationship or not, you are most certainly NOT on any higher level even if you so wish. YOU are on a big ego trip.
In fact you are practicing harmful disrespect each and every time you do not commit to taking any responsibilty, even if it be emotional and thus accumulate bad karma.
Plus, how UNATTRACTIVE isn,t a guy like that, here hose yourself down with some desinfectant before you touch me with those hands please….oh I feel soo respected…?
Men that frequent prostitutes, that is what they become, the prostitute men that don,t have a chance with real women.
How hilarious isn, t it to see the mens eyes flayling wildly at the sight of a woman moving her hips, or showing some skin, hahaha, come ON, get a hold of yourselves, your reaction is all in your head, if you think like that you might need to chant some, I hear chanting all day is great for people that cannot control their minds (and act like animals in heat).
Then and an even worse combination is the one I see today, men are not very likely, AT ALL to set up their women, no, they had better work, so that when he leaves you for someone at work that he sees more than you and have soo much more in common with, you will still eat, because this is the best part, unless there was laws to give they just wouldn,t do it, they totally resent it, in fact there are even men that question what they get out of spending money on their very own children so imagine ” just” being the wife, you might need to battle and all and hey, is it really worth it, or does it even work, to try and get some family harmony battling???
I mean if a man doesnt want to push himself for you, your children and provide, then its not a real man. Not if he has to justify taking care of you and let me tell you many, many men will much rather take the children away from you and even ask you to maintain the man too before they spend a penny on you. I have seen the most absurd situations where the man can,t make enough to make his woman and child comfortable and then use the fact that she is working against her claiming she is not a good mother….??? Or this one looser dad that said, before I will give my ex wife and son $ 140 a month for food I would much rather spend that money on my lawyer trying to fight it…LOL…and not only when the son turned 18 he even called her to say that he was going to celebrate the fact that this was all over..LOL..sooo sad….now THAT is a TOTAL mentally insane looser and what an INSULT to his very own son. This is the type that will give a gift to his child and then take it back at every argument playing with every emotion the whole way he is entering the darkness. And not only the same man invented this huge fantasy about him having bought all this stuff that he really manipulated in the divorce and hadn,t spent a penny on and then bragged about having bought every single authority and lawyer on the way with her money then his tongue slipped again when he said he met this woman in the Cayman Islands…what is the Nr 1 reason people go to the Cayman Islands? What an IDIOT, hahaha…it was just a matter of time before his actions would totally backfire.When you practice brain love something will come up and hit you from behind. And if you made your money in a bad way, you will never be able to truly enjoy it, keep it or experience genuine happiness.
Think about it, do you have a man or a coward in front of you, someone DIRECT, or just a man that is doing his best just to get things his way , get you in bed, get what you got, humiliate you, insult you and then split?
Think about it, for your children sake. Its always great if the fathers would be somewhat inspiring and honest so that one day your child doesn,t have to look back at how his mother was treated and feel like he is about to vomit, if you know what I mean.
Think about getting into a relationship too quickly, make them show what they got for quite a while, don,t be too easily impressed, see how persistent and consistent they are, if they quickly get bored and let go after a short time of trying to convince you of this and that, then you just saved yourself a big waste of time, congratulations. Let them prove what they go for, women, you are NOT desperate for attention, there are a LOT of men out there, so pick carefully.
Warning, some men will invent A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G for a long period of time, even try and isolate you so that you are more easily convinced, if you got something they really want and those are the hardest to battle because they have plan, an act to go with it and they are on a mission, listen carefully when they speak, because they slip here and there, and that,s how you catch them, most liers have a bad…all of a sudden their true intention comes out, you can notice it through their very little concern about the future since they plan on not being a part of it, if you listen carefully, they can only think to a certain point, to the point they want to get to. And if they say they are spiritual but crash your car against a wall in a rage or harm you physically when he doesnt get things his way and he realizes you can see right through his lies, then you can be certain, now that man has no clue. He is all talk and no real action. Call the police and get rid of him IMMEDIATELY, NEVER to get another chance, NEVER, EVER.
Those types almost never change, to be that low, of the absolute lowest of consciousness and manipulate people claiming you work with God and have understanding of spirituality must be about the worst thing you can do, literally also the dumbest move, sort of like selling your soul and then trying to trick God/ The Highest Force and Intelligence.
Its bound to fail, in a real scary way. They get what they ask for.
Its like them dumb people that thought they were smart telling an environmentalist what she wanted to hear to depart with a piece of property only to cut down every single tree the very next day…they are having a TERRIBLE time right now, and they chose that path, the no- flow – choice out of ignorance and greed and they chose to suffer.
Mother Nature has no mercy when she is cleansing.
Or you tune in with her or out, there is no middle way.

Love and Light



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