Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 26, 2013

The Far -Reaching Effects of The Power of Snuggling

Happy FamilyThe Far reaching Effects of The Power of Snuggling

Always snuggle up, there is nothing better than getting all cozy, go under all the blankets and have many many pillows and just purr…children LOVE it, warm hugs, nostril pressing, upside down nostril pressing ( lol) and all these fun cute ways of showing affection are not only just great but also very important for the mental- emotional development of your child. And they love it until late and forever so always be sweet, kind, supportive and LOVING. There is nothing like a hug to feel at home and know that your always loved no matter what, remember love is not conditional, one just loves…because its soo nice…to care…

Love and Light



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