Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 12, 2013

Higher Meetings

Higher Meetings


This  was experienced a couple of days ago now but my internet access has been limited

and I have been quite busy so I am sharing it with you now.Image

Ylang Flower in water. 

The moment you make contact with someone, you want to know them spiritually and as this one project is evolving, finally being in the ultimate state of  having found human beings that are of same heart consciousness level, so that collaborating will never be a complicated struggle where everything has to be explained over and over again and still no reaction, or you start getting a trust issue after observing actions that are out of this world and just not acceptable,  like they say; you cannot awaken someone that pretends to be asleep…our goals are always the same, to be of service in the highest possible way, resonating in the highest of vibrations, which is the most intelligent move.


So… I went into meditation (slightly deeper than my every day- to- day one that I experience…all day connected, lol, with activity and rest in intervals) and I saw the Child (the person at be) his Father as two strong Lights connected to a larger Light ( God), the child one just looking smaller.

And they said, we are going to communicate with you now but no words were said, they were radiating love, pure unconditional love and that was their message. I saw some sacred symmetry, sort of a Merkaba diamond shapes creating a black pattern, and I could smell apples, green apples…haha…soo sweet.  

We will definitely get along.


 I heard a voice saying ; Remember, you will now embody Isis and for a second I though wait a minute,what does that mean, and I hear a chuckle and a don, worry its like a super power, you take on her golden goddess ( solar) powers, so that sounded great and I have felt since that moment my whole body  and cell structure sort  of super relaxing into a trust that feels just great, and makes me feel even more grounded than before, my body is way more sensitive to touch and my aromatic flowers and spices, food tastes absolutely divine and visuals are super enhanced and glowing, sort of like a bodily super awareness. Every breath has the most exhilarating feeling in the body. It tingles and if you breathe into a dense/ tense spot you can feel it tickle, sort of like when a wound is healing.

Then he said, lets dream together and I thought to myself…that is the best idea I have heard of in a long time, what better way to brainstorm, I made some relevant drawings and fell asleep stretching and woke up while we were eating ice cream, the one that spirals and ends with a top…and of course I cant remember anything else right now…  🙂


The best part of meditations more than the absolute knowledge, is the fun odd details that make you laugh and wonder…what…?

 and in this specific meditation I cannot even tell you in which order things happened, somehow its like time does not matter at all.


Things are moving with the energies, there is no stress involved during high activity undertakings. Just efficiency.

Loving what you do makes every minute such a pleasure, every moment of rest so fruitful.

Keeping the goal in mind while loving every step on the way…


One Love!


Love and Light




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