Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 1, 2013

Resolutions on the Economy Front

My vision about the economy; IF the money greed people will not back down on their hoarding attempts, money will by energetic forces become de-valuated ( until they do) and we will find another alternative, meanwhile I also believe that unless the people go for wealth, they will never have it, now is a delicate moment energy wise, IF your business has no moral grounds, it will NEVER work, but IF you find that perfect balance of quality, respect of environment and family businesses it will totally work, for you, you children, your grandchildren, the Earth and every Being on Earth. You have the CHOICE to make less profit, give better products, collaborate with other humans and natural resources on raw materials and in that way wealth will naturally be distributed more equally among humans.

1) Stop buying things you don,t need that are of BAAAD quality and on top of it created by people that you want to get out of your competition, so why give them your money? IF they want to stay in they are then forced raise their standards.

2) What do YOU want to do within this great new economy?
This is the chance for all unemployed people that were literally working as slaves for other people, now you can create your very own idea.

Your soul will guide you every step of the way. Have NO fear.

Cocoa-beans-as currency

Most people live in denial, wake up, stop watching TV and main stream media, it only irritates you anyways AND creates fears, if there are things unspoken like an example – We don,t support the fact that we maintain the whole royal Swedish family and all their castles, instead of getting irritated every year when they put on the program with how fun the Swedish royal family had last year with your tax money, RESOLVE that problem and move on to the next.
ORDER is fundamental in a society. You cant leave everything up in the air.

Love and Light



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