Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 24, 2012

Heart within a Heart

Yesterday I had one of my meditational moments again,lol, I saw a human looking sort of square and massive with arms and legs stretched straight out as four strong rays shining outwards and where the heart is I could see  a heart but then there was also a big heart that covered the whole body and aura around the smaller heart and then a small heart at the head.

I was also visited by soo many LightBeings and they were standing in a circle around me on my terrass where I was meditating and the Light was soo bright I had to close my eyes and the moment I did I could feel their love just flowing towards me, they said. we are always here with You when you neeed us, remember.

Then I sent love to the Earth, to its very center and every part of if and I saw a cone shape created from the surface of the Earth and pointing in touching the center and then from the earths surface pointing out to the Universe, I saw an immense eye looking out and felt that we were aligning this love  throughout all the galaxies and that it was felt throughout all ofthe Universe.

I looked around, eyeing Nature and thought to myself how beautiful it is and how many Beings this Planet is hosting and nurturing, how much the Planet loves every single one and how different every plant and Being is and how the differences actually made it so great. So rich.


I saw much more after this , but it is hard to assimilate in one go, I might come back and add to this.


Love and  Light




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