Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 27, 2012

Happiness helps holding the Light

Sitting in the top happy country on the Planet. like someone said, Costa Rica is small but shall never fall, lol,  feeling very safe lodged in among the roots and leaves and this immense power of Nature that reacts immediately to how you relate to her, a sort of magical place with no time where thoughts manifest at the speed of lightning, in perfect awe at its natural beauty.

1    Costa Rica
2    Vietnam
3    Colombia
4    Belize
5    El Salvador
6    Jamaica
7    Panama
8    Nicaragua
9    Venezuela
10    Guatemala
11    Bangladesh
12    Cuba


The higher your  vibration…the better it is

Ultimate connection to everything makes you someone that cant be moved or destroyed, a moving conscious expansion of all senses

Take a sound of Nature, take it into your cell, let that sound expand outwards to unblock any area that needs care

Gratefulness is a gateway to happiness

Thank You 

Love & Light




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