Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 17, 2012

YOU and your LOVE is the POWER

I have been studying the psychology of when people go through distressing situations like starvation, disease, loss, stress, psychological and physical abuse and accompanying fear etc etc…the emotions of these people that are in distress DO affect you and your whole life whether you want to recognize it or not, every single human everywhere on the Planet

If these situations are quickly removed and being dealt with we will allow for HEALING of the MASSES and HEALING AND CALM/ INNER PEACE FOR OUR EARTH IN RELATIONS TO ALL THAT IS.

Our disasters tied to the fear and negative emotions and disrespect for our Nature and Mother ( Nurture )and Child ( Ingenious Future ) would diminish and DISAPPEAR.

Then we could actually perceive a strong grid of Light and a Love that is very powerful indeed and you should almost crave to be in it…if only for the rush…lol…for then to UNDERSTAND its full powers that is You.

Love and Light



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