Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 5, 2012

Energy Fields

Yesterday I had the experience to play with energy fields, at first I felt rainbow colors all over my body and it felt great , so I sat and felt how that felt for a while then I saw 3 lights to the right and three to the left, when I focused on one, it would disappear from sight which I assumed meant I had joined with it and so I could not perceive it anymore as something outside of me since we were one. I played around for a while with entering energy fields, I felt like I was learning a new technoology and that I had one specific guide. I also experienced letting that being become one with me which I felt made me giggle and I realized that I was not really ready for that, it was a pretty strong feeling when completely aware of it, but I could see things that beings way and then it made me think of the importance of only letting good energies near ones soul.

Then I realized these beings of Light also were called the Good Ones, The God One,s, The ones not separate from God and Goodness.

Love and Light



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