Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 30, 2012

One Meditation for the World

Yesterday afternoon the internet connection was not working and I was tired of sitting on the computer anyways although I had just seen a mail that I really wanted to open up related to business but of course I couldn,t and so I decided to surrender to it and lay down with my head pointing south after saying my Prayer for Protection and off I went with my dolphin guide into the depths of my subconscious.

I ended up seeing both my sons and I in this embrace of LOVE that was so strong that I laid in it for what seemed like hours and then all of a sudden this new friend Bill Ballard pops up in my head and I start laughing going ha, what are you doing here? And Bill was shining with this very strong love vibrations and so we connected and then the love went from us to him and on and on and on to all this people that could feel it and that were tapping into this love vibration and we created a grid of Love all over the Planet and it made me understand why we are so spread out, sort of like placed in our positions on the Earth.

All of a sudden it felt so powerful and strong that I could feel our Planet react on it and embrace us all, like we bonded in a very profound way and she was sending the love back to us, then I could feel this incredible love and support coming from the Universe.

At the end I saw Bill embrace his daughter, I saw an elephant that is a sign of wisdom, I experienced what seemed like a giant head and torso of a man arise in the sand.

Then I came back.

There was this enormous stillness…

and all of a sudden a roaring wind from out of nowhere
the lights went out and it felt intense
I prayed again and asked for Archangel Michael to accompany me and my children.

The storm calmed down almost immediately and I gave thanks and thought to myself, I KNOW how powerful the Light and Love is and how protected we are in it, but this time it felt like some sort of proof that I could show other people. Proof that you can help ground a place if you are in line with the Will of God and Nature.

Don,t forget you have a part in this!
Shine your Love and Light in all directions, every being on this planet can feel it, you do have an enormous effect on everything you touch.





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