Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 27, 2012


After a wonderful morning where I ended up cooking breakfast on fire, I felt this tinge of loneliness,as if I dont belong, that I dont enjoy the same things like the usual humans, that I am here for a totally different reason than to just take this bodily shape, do some few things in between and then shift it. I realize I have had trouble discerning who is good and who is bad ( and why they choose to be it) mainly because 1) I don,t see badness in people, I see people and 2) because there is so much deception out there and they are all so good a playing the part and who knows if some of them aren,t even human, because real humans have emotions and should feel what others feel.

If the Pope and all those sect leaders really thought God was outside of them and that God would meet them at the gates of Heaven they should be really worried, I mean, there couldnt be worse karma than to misrepresent the Light and God. This makes me think they know God is within and that there is no punishment more than what you put yourself in, out of stupidity, the moment you step out of the Light.

So that makes religion a game, more like, something to entertain the People with, sort of like politics, royalty, bullfights and football.

I am pretty sure I can help portray how unlimited we can be, to help people understand what full potential is and how far we can go, which is as far as your will power and perceptive mind and loving heart permits.

I know that my path has been alone for so long so that I would see my very own powers undisturbed and without interference and see how uncomfortable it is depending on others. To see how that could slow things down, how much of it is only distractions. To be efficient in collaboration you need to move at the same level with a collaboration that is almost telepathic to have real flow.
You can only get that with saints, lol.

So that takes me to that have been in situations since young where I actually learned to count on faith, to KNOW that there was going to be a solution, for sure. I KNEW that I would be fine, that I would make it, that I would get that job. I just knew.
Also when you have a thing, your field of expertize, you feel very sure inside because you KNOW you can do it. You KNOW that you are one of the best available on that field right now and opportunities are all over the place.
They really are.

I realize that having that connection and using it, available to all of us, of an energy field out there and in here at our center core, interconnected, reacting to our thoughts and innermost wishes and putting it together in a perfect way, some advanced humans will react to that and move it into place, co- creating….now that is why we are here.

This is a dance, the dance of flowing Life itself and it should be enjoyed.

Love and Light



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