Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 24, 2012

Perfect Respect

Perfect Respect

It would be perfect
If I would only get some respect

Befriending the enemies
Confusingly and furiously
every day
in every way
emotional shocks
physical blocks
dirty minds
decieving the kind
throwing HER into poverty
without any remorse
the course
of taking from the rich
the plant snitch
and the concubine


lathered in negativity
desire and provocation
inspiring every nation
what they expect from you
they would never do for anyone
so RUN

I am disgusted
this needs to be adjusted
what if you saviour is your enemy?
ask a woman that can see
a costly fantasy
many wanna-bees
using the desperate
grasping for a solution
kindly moving for an evolution
on a parallell track
because redemption cannot be bought
its a soul decision
done with precision
a disciplined
I can do it myself
change my mind
be kind
smile within
do the right thing
be my own King
sing in gratitude
on every latitude
with a respectful vibration
that has a great sensation
of true love for all beings

So I demand
Perfect Respect
for the Mother

Aya-Karin Thorgren Copyright 2012



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