Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 30, 2011

Living in Denial

For all of you that live in denial
that won,t see the Truth in the eye
but prefer a comfortable lie
the awakening will be harsh
Your cutting yourself off from life and reality
humanity lives their sheltered insanity
totally out there and full of fear
inactive and non perceptive
dull and not reactive
looking for pleasures
replete with treasures
in your own World
you move like careless bulldozer
running people over
on and off your sober
partying in superficiality
a useless reality
pretentious with an attitude and not easy to please
spreading disease

Entertainment is supposed to be fun
but not nearly this dumb

I fled their desperate greed
If thats what they do to get to the big money
then I am not in need
The heartless and profane, un attractive
the over reactive brats of stats…
its time to wake up!

Aya Thorgren Copyright 2011



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