Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 13, 2011

For You to C from Tinkerbell

I give you a nice touch of love
shining through my whole being
to You
moving in oneanothers energy
together and free
in synergy
Even in my wildest imagination I could never have imagined you
Like a perfect mix of them all. On a call.
Surprised and delighted
if you ask you shall receive
all you need is to believe
one day it all comes together
you can even love forever
not have fear to let someone near
laugh all day and share

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are on a high swell
feeling more than well
looking out for all of You
wanting you to be this happy too

With a gentle touch and a warm smile
dealing with feeling
I touch your heart with so much carefulness
I caress

When a man chooses the heartfelt path of Truth
there is no way back
and there is no lack

Can,t hide your emotions
maybe even choosing not to have them at all
the ego is on a fall
woman will finish what man did not do
we have no excuses
just a lot of short circuit power fuses
nothing can hold Tinkerbells light back
especially not after a personal attack

Aya Thorgren Copyright 2011



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