Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 23, 2011

Waste of Time

That does it
I am gonna waste a piece of paper on this shit
what do you do
about a thoughtless u
that called me
to tell me that he was dying
but he was lying
then the idiot
was flown back in
and he was decided never to get out
I am not leaving
I wanna continue thieving
drive you crazy
just sit here and be lazy
procreate and then be late with the payments
that someone else has to pay
because your are not working, no way
stood with the baby right on set
didn,t you get it yet?
here comes opportunity for my baby and me
and he just blocks it all
enjoying to see my fall
I was stunned and I would be starving
but a coke freak does not care
that includes Oribe that cut my hair
they will try to force you to share
crashed my car
sold my tools
I looked like a fool
took my sons passport
so I could not leave
insanity can deceive
made work impossible
with an ice cold thieving family
the problems became three
what you gave they can never remember
that is what one calls a disfunctional family member
we prefer to play crazy
-Oh, no more of the lazy!
manipulate, manipulate
we thrive when you are late
love to you me in distress and then call the press

Oh, God, help me stay strong
it feels like my kindness was wrong
I should have been more aware
LOOK, these people never share
they enjoy my suffering
because now lowlife can feel King
although it won,t last for long
soon they are gone
out of my sight
because I sit in the Light
smiling because I am working
I will be fine

Aya Thorgren Copyright 2011



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