Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 13, 2011

Stand by Woman

Washing the clothes by hand
so tired
I need a hand

will you stand by my side?
will you stand by my side?

Ten people lied
I almost died
buy my son got my hopes back up again
will you stand by my side?
willl you stand by my side?

I dont have time to sit down
my legs are swelling up
but I look up
and I know that one day
he will lighten my load
and open up that road
will you stand by my side?

After I serve the food
to the growing brood
there is none left
I have no strength
to defend from the 3 rd theft
gotta buy it all again
when when?
will the police defend?

I cant deny them the fun
to run the streets
when we got a home
I want it full of sweets
bring your friends
I like to have them here
my parents never let me
they don,t like to share
we had it all
but we never had fun
parents working
both on the run
we were trained in school
to become the industrial fool
defending a stressful job and a
blow job
forget about mother and earth needs
status and materialsm feeds
feeds our mouth
but not our soul
to me trust/ is the common goal
from the day your were born/ I had sworn
to do the right thing
If I were eveer to stand by anything I would stand by righteousness and a righteous king
but those are hard to come by
and now do n,t you f-n lie
to me/
maybe that is what you want to be
but the moment you start ego trippin
I am ripping through the walls
waiting on angel calls
are you gonna stand by my side
or are you just looking for a free ride?

I feel like I am the only one blissing
If that man could feel me kissing
when not there
then I am finally here
at the final destination
where there is no procrastination
free with honesty

Aya Thorgren Copyright 2011



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