Posted by: Aya Thorgren | December 29, 2010

You can have it all (If you get what you really need you can have it all)

D-evil does never stop working
while innocents are walking
walking down the cold streets
worrying about what they will eat
surrendering in a starry night
surrendering to innocence and Light
stumbling down a path of confusion
of all the delusions
keeping up the faith to stay, stay strong
every day we right a wrong
ceaselessly sprinkling love where love is missing
like a mist of sweet caresses made of herbs and flowers
lingering through many dimensions when caught
who lay out the tramps to do evils work?
so loosing control and loosing the goal
Tired and fried
Lay out the tramps…or open the gate and and dare to see what is behind it?

what you do you will get so hopefully you get it

see the steps and see them clearly
when people speak
listen to your heart
when you act
act out of your heart

stop buying things to get addicted to
so when you loose it
you loose it

If you get what you really need you can have it all
and all can have it
that would be it

Aya Thorgren



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