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This property that was pasture land, was bought 1991 for the purpose  preserving the watersources of the village, replanting rain forest, construct an environmentally built low impact retreat and preserve  existing and plant medicinal plants.


Pure Water is a human right


I had a bad experience 2005  when I sold 4 acres of my farm to Las Tres Abuelitas Magicas S.A., a Matthew Blau and Allen… ( Fireworks, a company residing in Vermont). I am having trouble with since they bought every single person in the area including my lawyer, Juan Carlos Fonseca ( that has been caught doing this at least 3 more times to other clients) . They cut almost every single plant on their side of land and clearing my(not their) private road without permission from Cabo Blanco National Park, (my neighbour on two sides) and attempting to move a property line, procceding with registering the wrong property plan, buying somone at the Registry Nacional and taking out my property plans and then cutting plants that are on my side.

They have completely blocked my business opportunities trying to manipulate everything around me and I will do everything in my power to charge large fees for attempting to destroy nature and delaying my business while using corruption.

I have lost about $ 5,000,000 in business opportunites since that day and I am writing this to get international attention to how the jewish people in this area have attempted to take over all the businesses through manipulating mails and even threatening people to death as, they did to me sending me a death threat mail that they immediately rettracted using an israeli computer expert.

The worst part is that they, to get a hold of the property did the following acts:

1) they pretended to be environmentalists telling me they would help me preserve
2) they pretended they could not pay the price I asked, that is pretending to be a struggling environmentalist with great intentions so I gave them a great price and then they procceded with overtaking a plantel that has a market value of at least $ 500,000.

Teresa Cerdas, Tommy Asberg and Pilo from Cabo Blanco National Park are witnesses to the destruction.

For this reason I am actively seeking international support.

This is a cry for help.

Everyone is corrupt and I want to put a stop to this and move on.



Aya-Karin Thorgren




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