Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 19, 2009

the only AUTHORITY in my life is me

These are not perfect laws…

The genocide ride

while your greed is glowing

the criminals run free, you see?

in a “perfect ” democracy a woman has no voice

in a” perfect “democracy a woman has no choice

but to self sacrifice starved by the gluttonous

racing for a buck, blinded

what did I not give to you oh, government in a not so perfect democracy and for free

and what do I get?

this is what they answer:

You are on your own

so no more seeds of governments are sown

it is a well paid scam, like spam, spam mail- internet law disorder with high up orders

and they want to decide over you forever

quite some authority looking for an excuse

an excuse for you to loose power of your own life

meanwhile they charge you or they can do what they want to you without doing anything for you

that is the law

how convenient

cannot even defend myself, it is illegal

so you gotta pay that lawyer, hey

there is absolutely no difference in between the left, the right and the middle

it is exactly the same

what am I going to eat today?

I put it in the hands of God with the power of faith in my perfect works

it is sooo over

you are real fast to charge but you never resolve

Work, that is what you are paid for

and I am NOT going to be your MTV whore

That is for sure

I am not desperate

I am cool

Its a no choice vote

quote on quote

the only AUTHORITY in your life is You.

Aya Thorgren



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