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Hello World!

“A super conscious society in perfect tune with its environment, our natural resources within Mother Earth, has enterprises that reflects this highest of respect, moral and honor in everything they do, so defining a new era in the world of economics “



Born in Stockholm, Sweden . Studied Natural Sciences at Östra Real in Stockholm , Sweden.
Modelled professionally with Eileen Ford Agency and IMG in Paris, Milano, New York. Worked with important designers like Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Armani, Chanel, Fendi,, Karl Lagerfeldt, Hermes, Comme des Garcons, Yohij Yamamoto,Versace, Sonia Rykiel , Calvin Klein and many more. Was seen in Revlon and CoverGirl, Versace and Armani, Benettton, Calvin Klein, BananaRepublic and Esprit Campaigns and magazines like Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle , Allure, Glamour and great photographers like Aldo Fallai, Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, Tyen, Sacha, Phillip Newton and many more.

I am a mother and I live in Costa Rica since many years now a country that still has a lot of work to do being a third world country.
I bought a cattle farm, took the cows out to clean up the waters in the underying aquifers that feed the village and then let the species from the rain forest grow back, leaving only some terraces open for buildings and gardens for my future generations. I own a small organic cosmetics company and record label named “ Aya” and  helped to start up our village association Asociación de Desarrollo de Cabuya (ADICA) in 2004 and have been working closely with the Intendentes of Cobano, mailing many presidents giving counsel on environmental and other matters. I like to inspire youth. Life is not easy in Latinamerica, there is a lot of corruption, government and bank money goes everywhere but where it should, women are struggling to survive, there is not enough pressures on the men to take their responsibilities, they do not support youth, there is nothing going on in rural areas, no cultural exchange, no libraries, a lot of drug problems and wars in the streets.

When going through my difficulties here I started writing poems inspired and manifested in The Light, in prayer, I  wrote three books about society, world planning, the new economy and motherhood.

Words to inspire You to fearlessly live your dream .

I love to wake up at dawn, do yoga , eat healthy, plant precious seeds in my gardens and work at my dream of global transformation while I smother my children with hope and love, from near and afar!

“I appreciate the beauty and healing qualities of all that is natural in this world.”
Live in The Love and Pure Light!


Thank You! May all beings be well and happy!

Aya Thorgren


Inspiracion Piedra Paz.S.A.

Office: 506- 86193799
skype: aya.karin.thorgren
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Absolute Focus

What you need in life is focus and a great group of people to collaborate with, you don,t need stress, or someone eager, mediocre and lazy that didn,t get the point of action stirring you on.





Love & Light


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Don,t take it out on yourself

Some people when dealing with pressures take things out on others or, if a compassionate heart many times on themselves. This is because they do not yet understand that You are in control of not letting any outer negative energy from any direction enter into your sphere or alter you or what you do in any way. A person
Iike this knows how to distinguish that bad vibe from who they are. This type of energy causes immediate unease and if exposed to for long periods of time can cause emotional blockages followed by disease.


This outer energy is not you, so let it not interfere in your doings.

The force that we call God,  expansive love energy is inside of you and it is what you are, a shining reflection of something huge and encompassing and it feels only great and should absolutely not feel foreign to who you are.


Love & Light

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Letting go of Worry- Step by Step

There is the one thing you learn and that is that life here on Earth is intense and a lot of times in a bad way, only because humans choose to experiment it like that because in reality it is totally harmonic, blissful, joyful and great.


Right now the vibration of too many humans is very negative and toxic which makes for an uncomfortable experience, it’s dissonant and gives a tangible bad feeling. But the other thing I also learned is that just when you think that everything seems impossible and very dark, right before dawn, there is always that one light, that one person, that one move that opens up everything and takes you into the next dimension.



The worst thing you can do to yourself and others is to worry. Worry is a negative stagnant energy that can make you not only sick to your stomach but much more. It’s like a down spiraling faithless feeling with no bottom to it.

Just move step by step, even if it feels like its in slow motion, take the obvious steps because all its going to do is prepare you, get you more ready for what is coming up.

There may be something you didn,t catch yet that is hugely important at your next level.


You don,t want to be spending more money on updating ID documents and taxes than you are on living, so stand up for yourself. If the governments want to see some real money and know who you are, then facilitate intelligent business, if not stay back with the costly complications and delays. I would have rather built the bridge out there than paying all kinds of taxes, like for example this corporate tax, from which I yet see no return whatsoever, if you know what I mean. I would to have loved to have bought myself a freaking transport with that, something that I actually need.


Let’s get down to practicality and action.



Love & Light


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The Provider- A Future with No Anxieties – Parental Guidance

Before considering being a parent, what have you done to provide for a calm, healthy and prosperous environment?
Children don,t live on bread alone but also need emotional stability and can absolutely not be stressing about whether the grown ups can provide for a stable emotional and physical environment like food, love and a home and not trigger climate changes caused by extreme consumerism. Make sure that they understand that an exaggerated consumption of unnecessary things does create a problem with our survival as a species.

Having things is not the absolute goal in life.

A parent and society must be completely sure about what they are doing since any uncertainty causes tension and stress. When you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it. Sometimes we have blocks, they may be mental or physical that inhibit us from manifesting what we promise. Explain to them what these blocks are, why they exist and work on removing those blocks quickly. If the society won,t let you move because you are a woman for example, make sure to change that, because that is not an excuse. If it’s the laws and governments change those too. We react emotionally to needs we have so make sure to fulfill those needs whether it be security, well being, accomplishment or affection.

Remember to explain to them that their purity, good will, logics and common sense may very possible be rejected in our un- cult society so that they cultivate strength when experiencing adversity. Make them feel special for being who they are, let them know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with how they think and perceive life, that even if they feel like they don,t fit in there is a reason behind it, and that is that they are forging a new society and new way of thinking. Many children today are challenging our educational systems and more and more are finding that what they teach is not interesting or even totally true. It is because our education is still based on the industrial revolution and economical slavery to large industries and it doesn,t reflect our current reality, which is to detach from all that and do your own thing. Don,t make them feel like freaks for having seen through a societal lie, for not wanting to memorize useless information and to want to do it their way, be open to what they have to say about it and listen, because children come in more advanced and intelligent as we speak.


Remember that the moment you decide to become a parent, you become their pillar and strength and your only mission is to make sure they make it without taking advantage of them nor constinously telling them what to do and how to do it, or make them feel bad for who they are with constant and unnecessary criticism.

Be nice and understanding. Guide them some and then let them think on their own.


Forget your ego, your vices beyond basic needs because you are now the extension of someone else’s life and they should always come before you, no matter what.
If they do not, don,t have children, that means you are not ready. If you are having children as some sort of status symbol, because that is what people do at a certain age or to have a loyal little copy of yourself that adore you and do what you say, you are having children for all the wrong reasons.

Love & Light


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La Educacion para fines Nobles

Es interesante que muchos de los que hacen decisiones en el pais han viajado y estudiado en lugares increibles, en las escuelas mejores del mundo y absorbiendo muchissima informacion pero el momento que regresan al pais es como que nunca les entro en la cabeza de copiar como lo hacen en otros paises como para avanzar pero si que les da por juzgar y sentirse omnipoderosos, usar palabras inusuales sabiendo por lo menos deletrear y juzgar a los que no lo saben, pero al final se mueven como si no lograron retener lo importante ni usar esa gran educacion para fines nobles, que era lo importante, y todavia no entiendo como pueden dejar a los diputados del Congreso hacer leyes sin saber nada de justicia y como hacer una ley impermeable, tendrian que colaborar con expertos en el tema sino solo pierden tiempo.


Pues ni mencionas esa envidia hacia los que se han movido afuera del confort y arriesgado para llegar a algun lado que solo hace pensar al trauma emocional de los comunistas ( y si uno nota siempre cuando cae un regimen comunista, por alguna razon sale otro….) que a la gente pobre les cuesta soñar, siguen comparandose con los demas, parece como que no quieren ver a nadie, ni su gente, compadres ni el pueblo papudo por ninguna razon y la gran pregunta es: ¿¿¿Porque sera??? ¿Que es eso? ¿De donde sale esa malicia, retroceso y falta de auto estima?

Imaginese como seria EEUU si la gente pensaban asi?


Lei algo que me hizo reir tanto por El Topo de la Teleguia en la cual una cierta Elena Correa fue elegida para ser Miss Costa Rica sin la competicion porque por alguna razon no la van a hacer este año y como ella fue virreina el otro año entoncez la eligieron y dice El Topo;  “…aca parece que tener dinero y belleza es pecado capital…vamos por partes como diria Jack el Destripador…el bullying al que ha sido sometida la pareja no solo por la diferencia de edad entre Elena y su novio Carlos Rodriguez sino porque el es un hombre acaudalado y esta combinacion, para muchos, es imperdonable….hacen que los ataques contra otros blancos frequentes de apaleadas publicas parezcan un encuentro con Cristo…😂😂😂….justo como Macron y su esposa…(con 25 años de diferencia) y aunque todo el mundo pondera el romanticismo de su historia de amor, bastante basura intromisiva tuvieron que bancarse durante años.”

Amor y Luz

Pornography as a Secret Weapon

This brings me back to why its hard to get anything done, because if they are not Jews(who resent and ridicule every country and culture they join, especially the Christian, while looking to take advantage of as many as possible along the way) they are promiscuous sex addicts, very possibly unstable alcoholics and/or drug addicts whose and whose only focus is chasing women (or men) and making mistakes. This is additionally great for the media which the Jews also pretty much own where they can blow up everyone’s personal problems for the world to read about while also making money on it. Then we have the promiscuous Jews who manipulate and control the entertainment industry, then the banking system, the taxes, and the judicial system while playing on eternal victimization when convenient or feeling attacked (not surprisingly having been chased out of 109 countries). These are people that are experts at creating problems and confusion purposefully, what we call set- ups, they invite chaos as to create problems for those involved, like for example subtly give you the wrong advice and hope you move on it while washing their hands off the whole thing. They play with people’s needs and take advantage of those who have very little or who move alone.
Black, Hispanic or any other exotic women (and sometimes even men) like for example Asians are simply expected to be submissive sex maniac freaks that unless playing that role only make white men and women confused. It’s only so very common for white fascist types and “white-wanna- be ” men like Jews and even certain affluent Latin male chauvinists to have an official wife that is classical, material, cold and boring as f-k but accepted by their society and then have a wild secret side life and strange fantasies that includes everything.


I have a few personal anecdotes that certainly go with this story. When I lived in New York my Jewish agents wanted me to stop nursing and were pressuring me, add that Oribe this hair dresser, had cut my entire hair while hysterical on cocaine while my agents tried to hush this all down and I was never paid for the losses, so I decided to take a small break from work. On my way out of there I met a Buddhist, he was this amazing spiritual young man that had decided as young to live a simple life in upstate New York, although his mother was a quite well known actress in Hollywood. We decided that we would meet up after I got reorganized so left the country since I needed to look after my investments in Costa Rica. When I got there my ex husband had lost his mind on drugs and was making my stay impossible so I decided to go back to Europe and start from there. I couldn,t go back to my family since they are not united at all and have serious emotional problems but ended up in Italy. Meanwhile, while I was there, this Buddhist and young man met a sexually obsessed Jewish woman and lost his mind completely, became schizophrenic and sexually deranged. What also caught my mind was that the Buddhist center he belonged to was managed by a Jew. Meanwhile when back in Costa Rica I eventually met this Israeli man that I totally fell in love with and I admit that I had this idea of them as spiritual people and had been educated in school to spend hours and hours condemning the holocaust and reading about Anne Frank and feeling sorry for them which seemed obvious considering the cruelty of its perpetrators, but then was a little surprised to see that many of them consumed quite a lot of drugs in between their Saturday prayers, several of their women had lesbian relationships while as a contrasting background having these strict rules about who one should marry and whatnot. So one day he asks me if I wanted to have sex with him and his friend and I remember just looking at him while explaining why that was definitely NOT an option and how at that moment my whole illusion of them as spiritual people went down the drain never to be taken seriously ever again. In fact I lived celibate for almost a decade after that out of plain irritation.

That was the beginning of my writings, where I was capturing this spirituality but it’s was continuously interrupted and colored by a negative sexual energy that was very intense and that seem to have as the only intention to confuse the purity of what I was trying to say. I had to carefully look back at my writings and select my words and take out the ” negative traps”.

Now I understand what it was I was analyzing all these years.

That’s is why it’s important to snap out of it everybody, take control of your lives and move on things or someone will certainly do it for you.

Watch your back because someone out there is after your pure soul.

Love & Light

10.22 – 11.11- 11.22

The more up and conscious you get the more irritating sexuality becomes. Especially if you have no one deep to connect with. While you feel really emotionally great just the way things are the body seems to have certain physical needs and urges that are hard to ignore. You are in the midst of your spiritual connection and here comes sexuality, pheromones and hormones and it’s almost disturbing. This creates a need for an outlet for that energy or it starts stressing you out. The fact that most people are living a 100% carnal, material and physical experience with very little spirituality(where you simply are moving out of love) makes “true” faithfulness pretty much impossible. Based on that I assume that humans who have experienced very little love in their lives will be more rooted in the physical and material . That also means that the less loving our society is the more carnal and material it will become and reverse. Obviously at the highest state of spirituality within a human body there are only two states; total faithfulness on all levels or the opposite, not faithfulness. Love is freely given to all but not sex. Pornography and getting excited about any other woman or man than the one you supposedly love would be considered infidelity. But at that level there is also an enormous capacity to forgive while understanding the carnal problematics. For example relationships at a distance have either to be super spiritual and detached from sexuality ( loyal, hard working and focused) or very forgiving but at the same time someone very physical which we certainly are, like to experience touch and feel but then if you are highly spiritual you can connect, touch and feel from any distance. This is an important point, that means that when you think of someone they, if sensitive enough will be aware of it, that means that if you think sexually of someone that is not your partner you are certainly not faithful or respectful for that matter and if you are thinking about several people, you are simply all over the place and creating energetic chaos and your partner will pick up on it and very possibly not like it and feel hurt, but if not sensitive or super conscious enough without really knowing the reason, but having a bad feeling. Men seem to show much more interest when they feel they have competition while women can simply start looking for someone else who won,t play those games with her when they feel they are playing with her. I also noticed that certain people may compete for a man or woman just for the competition, and to conquer, to prove something to herself or himself or to the other men or women, not out of love. So when that ex-boyfriend starts coming back into your life make sure it’s not because he just can’t believe that you are moving on and it took that other man for him to realize how special you are since, unless it’s a soul mate or something like that with whom you should go back to then you will only be wasting your time, creating confusion and keep dragging out on the end.


Love & Light

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Kölbi y Los Venados

Despues de que Kölbi vendio hace unos dias un paquete de internet ilimitado a la gente a los pocos dias tuvieron el coraje a decir a los clientes que al final no era ilimitado y la gente se quedo con que ya habian usado el ” limite” uno se pone a pensar como el Estado se permite estafar a su propria gente sin sentir verguenza alguna. Y eso de hablar de la ecologia y el amor hacia los animales silvestres no combina con que la comida es mas cara que EEUU y Europa y que la gente estan casando venados y iguanas hasta entre las casas, para comer y hay rumores de empleados en los parques nacionales involucrados en pesca y caza illegal.

Si uno agrega que a las areas rurales y las playas tienen las municipalidades sin dinero para invertir en desarollo aun si son los que mas publicidad hacen para el pais uno se pone a pensar en que esas publicidades que hacen del pais de verdad solo lo hacen para que una casa publicitaria de la Valle Central se hace aun mas dinero dejando los pueblos sin calles ni rotulacion en lugares de peligro, (por ejemplo por ningun lado hay rotulacion antes de un rio que advierte de cabezas de agua), calles que los mismissimos turistas a los cual quieren atraer con esa publicidad van a tener que ver si sobreviven el viaje…?
Si uno analiza sus problematicas simplemente no estan manejando las cosas bien.
Un gobierno primero trabaja por la gente, eso es su unica mission, de servir al pueblo y si eso no les gusta, no entren en politica por ninguna razon porque los daños que estan haciendo son enormes. No puedo creer que hay gente que se caen en huecos enormes de calles malhechas, llenos de agua con motocicleta y todo y hasta pierden la vida sin que el gobierno se responsabiliza..???

Eso es escandaloso y simplemente inaceptable. Creo que si quieren entrar en la lista de paises OECD tienen que demonstrar mucho mas seriedad.

Love & Light


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The Now y El Ahora – A Poem

Caught between the future and the past
In between eternity and the things that won,t last
Men that won,t hold and a society that,s cold
It’s a pretty easy decision when you got life you got vision
I know it’s gonna be the same down here
As long as no one even cares
One place has peace, the other work
A third peace of mind and a fourth people that are kind
But not one place has it all
Even if it’s a created one way call
People denying themselves joy

Y aqui estoy

Estoy entre el futuro y el pasado
Me hubiera gustado estar de su lado
Pero ya las cosas han cambiado
Si este pais me facilita la cosas entoncez lo pensare
tal vez me quedare
Pero no ven como van la cosas
nadie levanta la voz
todo lo que veo es atroz
Yo he hablado por el pueblo
porque aqui hay mucha gente


Lo que hemos vivido no lo recomiendo a nadie
Quiero esconderme un año , recuperar y trabajar
Dame una buena razon para quedarme mas que
temo por sus vidas y
quiero un hombre que me quiere a mi
y al mundo
Alguien muy fiel y de mucha miel
Dulce y divertido que algo ha vivido
Guerrero de fondo, pero muy “deep” y profondo
Alguien que no es facil y no se deja manipular
Un hombre que solo quiere mi bienestar
Sino me quedo monja y feliz
Salvando niños de desapariciones
Buscando las razones
Y todo es por religiones y otras obsessiones
Justificando la muerte para vivir y eso no lo voy a permitir
Los que buscan el infierno quemaran en llamas
Pero yo tranquilamente viendo las lluvias
Purificandome de malas vibras
Limpiando cuerpo y alma con mi sangre
Alejese maldad y salga de aqui
Ya te vomite con la carne
Ya ayune para curarme
Por eso no puedo dejarme tocar
Ni en cosas carnales puedo pensar
Esto es mucha guerra espiritual
Quieren que pierdo la fe
Pero eso nunca pasare.



Amor y Luz


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 14, 2017

Throw them to the Lions

There is a clear tendency in humans to become more and more superficial and in need of more and more entertainment the more global and personal problems they have. Instead of delving into the problematics of things and find solutions to BIG issues it’s clearly much easier to look the other way and have a (processed) drink, take a (synthetic) pill or powders and forget about things and just have fun. In fact people will reject reality because it’s perceived as heavy and overwhelming while certain music for example carry good vibrations so we use it for everyday therapy. Social media is full of games that I sincerely don,t feel like I have time to play.

It seems like important matters related to the survival of the species, like climate changes and alimentary security are much less important than plastic surgery and shopping and don,t forget spending time talking or gossiping about little unimportant things over a cup of coffe. This has clearly to do with the fact that people can only digest so much anxiety every day but avoiding the problems won,t help the anxiety but eventually increase it.

Tensions in the world are felt whether you want to feel them or not. And they are going to affect you no matter where you are. Reading every negative news article is not good for you if you are a sensitive being neither is watching horror movies. But the problem isn’t the articles in themselves, its the absurd evil actions of the people. It’s one thing taking a break from the negativity and another to live in absolute superficial denial all day. While trying to find the solution to why people do things like that one realizes humanity needs a lot of healing, many of these people have simply been harmed, never experienced love by the family and have been seriously affected mentally.

Doing something big to make a difference takes anxiety away because you know you tried, even if you don,t see immediate results, you moved on something. I feel that the patriarchal society focus on the material scene ONLY and the focus is not even solid while forgetting that children, both males and females need mother love, oxygen, nature, top of the line nutrition, great vibes, security, tranquility and peace of mind too.


We, the matriarchs don,t want our children trained for war or to be aggressive, we want them to be who they are, good human beings.

Love & Light




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