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War on the Mind – Causing mental instabilities

The industrialization, the porn industry and materialistic soul less world view has created a series of common mental ailments worldwide. This affects our everyday world much more than we ever thought possible. This affects all the relationships, work – and personal and removes stability and peace of mind for those involved. For example childhood rape or incest will unleash many reactions that will affect that person physically and emotionally FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Many are suicidal, confused about their sexuality and hate themselves. This has created bi polarity, sex obsessions, oversexed men and women who cannot control their sexuality sometimes leading to forced, aggressive, obscene and violent sex. When children are separated by routine from their safety net and put into the hands of strangers or people with low consciousness because of material needs a space is created where it is very possible they may get harmed, bullied, attacked or used. Just because they talk about yoga and spiritual book does NOT mean anything in fact it may be used as a hook for everyone to fall, just like the priests that are supposed to represent God and morality have taken to raping children after gaining the trust by parents and children they need to commit the crime. Add that some hierarchical and patriarchal societies and many wife’s of those men would never believe the child and sacrifice it right there as not worthy of anything, not love, not respect, nothing.

When things, pleasure and desire take over there is no space for love and soul, men have taken as a sport to suppress women and take advantage of their vulnerability.
Vulnerable beings are only used and never respected in a world of brutality. Life is not honored as it should, many tribes here right now celebrate death and violence as a way of living and those will soon not be part of the planetary experience since death is their absolute choice.

So it is.

Sexual VampirismSexual VampirismSexual Vampirism

Dislodging negative enery attachments

Love & Light



let me tell you how complicated it was to post this FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

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Catch them when they are Young

I am not sure if humans are are aware of how dangerous it is for our society to let young people be mistreated, lied to or abused. That includes having them pass starvation and ceaseless stress. These people may easy turn into very angry, emotionally unstable and sometimes even dangerous people.


This is where the focus of our society should be, look at how the youngest are doing, and the marginalized…are they loved or tortured?
This will mark them for life and define all their relations.
This will also define our society and our survival as a species through our relations to all living beings, known and unknown.


Love & Light

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Hello World!

“A super conscious society in perfect tune with its environment, our natural resources within Mother Earth, has enterprises that reflects this highest of respect, moral and honor in everything they do, so defining a new era in the world of economics “



Born in Stockholm, Sweden . Studied Natural Sciences at Östra Real in Stockholm , Sweden.
Modelled professionally with Eileen Ford Agency and IMG in Paris, Milano, New York. Worked with important designers like Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Armani, Chanel, Fendi,, Karl Lagerfeldt, Hermes, Comme des Garcons, Yohij Yamamoto,Versace, Sonia Rykiel , Calvin Klein and many more. Was seen in Revlon and CoverGirl, Versace and Armani, Benettton, Calvin Klein, BananaRepublic and Esprit Campaigns and magazines like Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle , Allure, Glamour and great photographers like Aldo Fallai, Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, Tyen, Sacha, Phillip Newton and many more.

I am a mother and I live in Costa Rica since many years now a country that still has a lot of work to do being a third world country.
I bought a cattle farm, took the cows out to clean up the waters in the underying aquifers that feed the village and then let the species from the rain forest grow back, leaving only some terraces open for buildings and gardens for my future generations. I own a small organic cosmetics company and record label named “ Aya” and  helped to start up our village association Asociación de Desarrollo de Cabuya (ADICA) in 2004 and have been working closely with the Intendentes of Cobano, mailing many presidents giving counsel on environmental and other matters. I like to inspire youth. Life is not easy in Latinamerica, there is a lot of corruption, government and bank money goes everywhere but where it should, women are struggling to survive, there is not enough pressures on the men to take their responsibilities, they do not support youth, there is nothing going on in rural areas, no cultural exchange, no libraries, a lot of drug problems and wars in the streets.

When going through my difficulties here I started writing poems inspired and manifested in The Light, in prayer, I  wrote three books about society, world planning, the new economy and motherhood.

Words to inspire You to fearlessly live your dream .

I love to wake up at dawn, do yoga , eat healthy, plant precious seeds in my gardens and work at my dream of global transformation while I smother my children with hope and love, from near and afar!

“I appreciate the beauty and healing qualities of all that is natural in this world.”
Live in The Love and Pure Light!


Thank You! May all beings be well and happy!

Aya Thorgren


Inspiracion Piedra Paz.S.A.

Office: 506- 86193799
skype: aya.karin.thorgren
E-mail: ecointelligence(at)







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Prophecies today

A prophecy coming in today written the way the Bible is written for example would have the same social setup in the background but modernized, so instead of them going here and there by foot with the donkey and goats, seeing the people and spreading Gods loving word and sometimes sharp sword of words, in our society they would be immersed poverty and pollution, surrounded by promiscuity, violence and chaos, even Jesus went to cities and was surrounded by prostitutes he didn,t judge because he knew why they were there, the circumstances from where they came from, their family situation and he could actually see their innocence  and he threw all the tables of the market place in front of Gods temple.

So now, today, as I speak they come in with poetry, spoken word, rap and music compared to the ancient forms of speaking in public in towns and then in the middle of their story of life, BOOM here comes a huge message and then the chaotic background story immediately sort of fades away in the background as while your entire body reverberate with this truth.

This is how it’s read, in between the lines. Don’t focus on the buzz in the background. Focus on the message and don,t kill the messenger, there is an army of God people standing right behind every each and one of them.


Ric Flair Drip by Offset and Metro Boomin – see also important messengers like Kodak Black and Asap Mob


Love & Light

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No te Limites

Nunca hay que poner un numero visualisando tu abundancia porque puede ser que logras mucho mas, por eso nada mas preparate para estar en esos niveles bien altos mentalmente, emocionalmente y physicalmente.

Pongate metas claras de corto y largo plazo da mas placer trabajar cuando sabes para que y te mueves mucho mas directo y no olvide celebrar cada paso de manera diaria.

Tenga mucha paciencia con tu mismo, muevete cuando las energias tuyas son altas y descanse cuando son bajas, asi seras siempre saludable y eficiente.


Circondate con gente que te inspire y te valore, que colaboren, personas que demuestran bondad, gente energetica y inteligente que no se la pasan todo el dia juzgando y hablando de los demas pero hacen y logran cosas grandes.

La verdad es que no tienes tiempo para perder.

La meta no es la plata , dinero es una herramienta para obtener lo que uno necesita, por eso cuando veo que la gente quieren dinero asi y nada mas y no importa como entiendo porque nunca llegan a la meta; La energia que hace las cosas mover es saber lo que vas a hacer con ese dinero. Cuando sabes exactamente lo que quieres hacer de manera firme y con conviccion sin desviarte, tu mente y cuerpo se empieza mover en esa direccion, en una sola direccion. Cada dia y cada paso es un logro que vas a celebrar, si te mueves lo suficiente en las cosas es obvio que vas a ver resultados, es hasta logico.

Es conveniente en la manana y antes de acostarte buscar soluciones en meditacion atraves de tus emociones y dejarte guiar por esta coneccion divina y tu intuicion que es muy refinada . Cuando estas muy segura mentalmente y todo esta bien pensado te mueves sin falla en lo fisico y material. No te vas a equivocar. La preguntas son ?Que mas puedo hacer ? Me he olvidado algun detalle?

Es importante saber que cuando haces lo que mas amas el trabajo se convierte en placer por eso no pierdas fe ni paciencia en el camino haciendo cosas que no te conviene y que ni te gusta o porque alguien mas te quiere ver alli, porque todo va de fijo a terminar mal cuando no sigues tu destino mas alto y tu mision en esta Tierra.

Todos estamos aqui para algo grande solo que nadie se los dijo o tal vez ni lo sabian porque la gente tienden a encerrarse en su pequeno mundo y creando sus ilusiones y como estan expuestos a information superficial desde afuera que tiene un proposito particular para presentarlo asi (muchas veces la razon es simplemente commercial), las verdades han sIdo casi extinguidos y reemplazados por miedos y paranoias sobre el futuro.

Ser humano es algo especial, somos una raza par excellence capaces de hacer grandes cosas en el Universo, somos de Origen Divino y es tiempo para levantarse y estar al nivel.

Is Costa Rica ready to become the next superpower?

Amor y Luz

Ser mujer es sinonimo de nunca ser eschuchada, de siempre ser aprovechada, insultada, tocada y despreciada ademas de ser culpada por ser pecado solo por como se ve. De nunca ser considerada para los puestos grandes pero si en la cama y solo si eres guapa o por lo menos facil. Y ni por decir la biologa que trabaja ensenando los ninos sobre la naturaleza y como respetarla que tuve que escuchar saliendo de la boca de un machista chismoso, desagradable y insuportable que lo que hace no es un trabajo pero cortar cebolla en la cocina si lo es….y no me estrana que a la hija le entra igual duro a la comida como le sale mierda de su padre.

A la mujer no la dejan trabajar tranquilamente con lo suyo para sus proximos sin de que de continuo hombres disrespectuosos aparecen en el medio para obstacularizar o de una manera frenar, reprimir o desviar sus avances, todo lo que hace la quieren manipular y controlar para su proprio beneficio, aun si la mujer tiene sus proprio bienes, sus carreras, talentos y estilo manejando tareas multiples que SI funciona si se compara con el patriarcado que necesitan de todos los mas abajo en la hierarchia para lograr sus metas egoistas y son bien concocidos por su manera de mentir y darle vuelta a la verdad, todo que el hombre comun y machista hace es para satisfacer sus simples placeres carnales y muchos se esconden detras de la religion o espiritualidad sin ser mejor de los demas, pero si que juzgan, se sienten mejores que los demas y rechazan a los que menos tienen porque fin al fondo el hombre carnal, es materialista, padece de gula y avaricia y la verdad es que tiene poca fe.

Y como cuesta que a la mujer la pagan…?
Simplemente no lo hacen. Es tambien parte de la cultura? Eso se llama discriminidad, barbaridad y esclavitud y si un sistema judicial o un pais o cultura lo permite no es democratico para nada y mas bien como mujer preferia NO tratar con hombres ni estas supuestas “democracias” si es que no logran estar al mismo nivel de entendimiento y mucho menos si como sea todo es una gran humillacion y falta de respeto.
Y eso no me hace tampoco convertir en lesbiana ni trans, ni sandia aun si lo entiendo cuando el enfoque en nuestras sociedades esta a ese bajissimo nivel de consciencia de solo pensar en sexo , comer, prepararse para morir y nada mas porque estoy muy pero muy encima de la sexualidad comun y corriente de nuestra sociedad.

Simplemente no me interesa.

No hay que ser monja en un convento para ser sagrada ni santa simplemente hay que ser como uno nacio sin el lavado de cerebro del patriarcado y que no se aserquen .Todavia no entiendo mujeres inteligentes que se ponen implantes para verse mas sexy cuando solo vas a atraer hombres superficiales que le gusta pornografia y que se excitan con ver quien sea y ademas vas a tener que cambiartelos cada diez anos para no tender cancer de seno y me imagino que es riesgoso amamantar que es fundamental para el sistema inmunologico de los ninos por lo siguiente es bastante egoista y estupido.

Para peor en casi todas las instituciones y posiciones de poder hay que tratar con unos machistas despreciables que siempre te dicen lo mismo, se asustan cuando la mujer pone limites porque por cultura la mujer tiene que estar calma y aceptar el mundo desigual como es ( unos 80 anos mas si dejamos esa decision a los hombres) con una sonrisa de entendimiento y mucho mejor si tambien se desviste rapido.

Nunca van a enfocarse ni comprender el nivel de la mujer mas arriba de los senos y como se ve, por eso no hay avances serios en la materia de genero porque los hombres quieren las cosas simples y como son, mujeres sumisas sin manera de pagar sus gastos ni defenderse y nunca ser eschuchada en ningun momento, solo te pasan las miradas y se aprovechan. He escuchado mujeres del tercer mundo decir que ” tiene que mover la colita para ganarse los frijoles” y ver hombres machistas no invertir ni apoyar a la mujer emprendedora sin esperar tratos especiales de tipo sexual como si fuera un privilegio de tener un trabajo digno, mas bien casi solo contratan mujeres para diversion y esperan relaciones con sus empleadas, me imagino por gratitud y las reuniones de trabajo son exclusivos para hombres porque con esa baja consciencia y falta de control les cuesta concentrar con una mujer presente.
Despues de darme cuenta de las ultimas indiscreciones sexuales tan infantiles de parte de los hombres supuestamente mas ricos y poderosos del mundo que siguen lloviendo desde las bocas de las mujeres indignadas del mundo occidental uno entiende la magnitud del problema.

La mujer es siempre castigada, cuando dice que si y cuando dice que no.

Y es increible lo que uno tiene que luchar para tener independencia como se debe.

Cuando entra una mujer desde ahora en adelante busca ser respetuoso porque nunca se sabe quien es, de donde viene, que poder tiene y de que es capable y que a un punto o otro pueda destruir todas las illusiones falsas, las mentiras y hasta enteras civilizaciones simplemente siendo de la verdad y viviendola compartiendola con todos que tengan el cerebro de seguirla.

La realidad puede ser que el hombre materialista y de “poder ” terrenal religioso de verdad sea mucho mas bajo de consciencia que la mujer servicial y hasta demonico, eso se nota en la cantidad de gente endemoniada y egoista que surge hoy, hombres (y mujeres del mismo pensamiento) que viven enteras vidas de mentiras en su proprio mundo inventado donde siempre tienen la razon. La mujer en vez de presionar por mantener su proprio estilo y ser aceptada por como ES se ha convertido o en vegetal pasivo o en hombre; de relaciones sexuales sin sentimientos para su proprio placer, ha adquerido la misma frialdad hacia sus semejantes, es totalmente materialista y mucho menos quiere tener hijos con hombres que en tanto no les importa nada mas de como aparentan , de sus orgasmos y sus fallidas prestaciones en la cama por no saber dar placer a una mujer (como no hace parte de esa cultura tan narcissista complacer a una mujer. ) Por lo siguiente cuando hombres estan detras de manejar a los asuntos de la mujeres muchos lo llamamos putos porque dan esa impresion especificamente si es obvio que se estan montando economicamente de la misma y no es fiel servidor.

Y mujeres por Dios habren los ojos, estas segura de querer revolcarte con un hombre babozo que es como un animal descontrolado y no te considera sagrada pero mas bien un pedazo de carne facilmente reemplazable?
Miralo bien porque me vas a agradecer de haber perdido un mal momento de nada especial.

La pregunta es, quien de verdad necesita de quien?

Sigo pagando y pagando y quiero ver resultados porque al final simplemente voy nada mas a cobrar lo perdido.
Las mujeres trabajamos el doble para tener lo mismo, trabajamos sin paz debajo mucha presion, hay veces lloramos por tanta emocion pero igual seguimos, necesitamos de electrodomesticos para liberar tiempo, tenemos que pagar para protegernos de embarazos y muchos de nosotros hemos tenido que tambien mantener hijos con el minimo apoyo paternal y gubermental en situaciones realmente absurdas y ademas darles un futuro con nuestros logros porque al hombre no les exigen nada especial y no parece tener la consciencia de hacer lo correcto, casi siempre hace lo que le beneficia a el sin pensar en nadie mas. El hombre machista restrega tu impotencia como mujer en este mundo en tu cara y se rie y un animal como eso tambien compite con sus decendientes igual como la mujer machista y de baja consciencia que mas bien disfruta destruir su propria hija porque en su mente puede ser competicion con su pareja tan carnal que posiblemente le hace ojos o hasta ya la violo.

No pueden seguir esquinando la mujer a proposito para tener un pretexto para despues depreciarla, usar de ella y su vulnerabilidad, desviarla con mentiras, cobrarla o robarla hasta que sus hijos no comen ni logran vivir en dignidad para despues medio “salvarla” preguntando que paso cuando ya es tarde solo buscando excusas cuando se puede salvar mucho mejor perfectamente sola y ahorrarse las traumas familiares innecesarias que les trae una sociedad hecha por mentiras y el hombre sin consciencia.

Soy mujer y he dado todo para Dios, mis hijos, la comunidad, la Tierra, el pais y el Mundo y espero ver resultados pronto.

Dejame vivir feliz de la vida.

Amor y Luz

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Stay calm and smell the roses

Eating fast is not good for your digestion, neither is having sex too fast great for trust, or spending money without thinking great for your economy nor is rushing into anything something totally unplanned to be suggested if you are looking for safety.
It’s important to know when to move, on what and when to stay calm and reflect.
Only then is your step sure and certain.
This gives you confidence and a great confidence breaks any and all imposed or expected limits” and is unstoppable as a force.
Doubt can shift things downhill in moments.


Even when in full move be aware of all the details that catch your attention along the way, try to be as observant and aware as possible.
Set a peaceful mindset from the beginning of the day and make the joy and peacefulness guide you home, to the people and events that make a positive difference in your life.
Clear out the mental, physical blockages and problematics of the past to open up for new energy and more flow.
Let go of everything that you won,t need, mental emotional baggage or material things that weigh you down, are too high maintenance or that you don,t need.
Avoid exposing your highly sensitive electro magnetic body and brain to radiating electronics when sleeping and as much as your can during the day.
Ask for guidance day by day from the divine higher consciousness so that you may reach your goals, go into shorter meditations at the beginning and end of the day to sort out what is urgent and what is not, plan your priorities for the next few days. Remove yourself from the crowds sometimes to get back to yourself and recuperate your energy and peace of mind. Try and enjoy time alone and silence, these are important creative times and information that you need comes your way. Waiver in between deciding on the faster short term solutions and moving on the slower long term goals.

Try and see all the different shades of life, from all angles, through all eyes, the amazing subtleties, a glimpse of the unseen behind the veils, the strange and mystical personal stories of many humans, the hidden message or meaning behind it.


Love & Light


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Negativity is not One being its a Consciousness


Negativity can flow from person to person depending on how conscious these people are, how able they are to hold their light and avoid that the negative energies enter by not allowing it to and that since energy in many cases unless controlled, takes over. It would have been much easier if it was one bad being that could be easily identified and destroyed. The only mission for disharmonic energy is to break the harmony, thus any decisions made under the influence of anything toxic are not perfect nor pure, not even yours and thus can endanger your life to the point where you may loose it and then you are not here anymore. Evil thrives on tricks and illusions. In fact in the very same place you can live paradise or hell depending on your everyday choices. The physical, material and carnal is used as the perfect bait for those with no real imagination and fear for survival, many fall never to “come back” again eternally unhappy in the finite realms of three dimensional thinking, spinning around and around at the same spot with goals and needs that never seem enough since they are not whole. You need to climb a little higher to the seat of purpose to actually feel fulfilled and happy and it better be felt from the heart or you will not enter the highest and most interesting levels / the spiritual realms and whatever it is you are doing will not succeed.

The purer, the more heartfelt your action and the more intelligent the purpose the more infinite the result. There will be a lot of resistance towards your being and what you do and represent but you can always stay firm since the decisions are in your hand, you are the main player in your life. Stay mentally, physically and emotionally strong so that you will not be that easily seduced as when weak in mind and spirit. There will be serious delays and slowing down of the flow by this dense vibration and time may feel out of proportion and hopeless meanwhile lesser paths will be offered so keep your instincts high, meditate on intentions there will be an opening if you expect and plan for it thoroughly, use your inner guide and always follow your feelings. There will be peace of mind when you are on it and unease when you are forgetting something or the focus is wrong, you are doing it to early or too late, all this does is take you to the present, of what you need to do now, all the solutions can be found within, that carries all information of everything on the outside that one is one with and a part of. Calm yourself down so that you can hear yourself.

As long as any of these humans are this uncontrolled / easy to manipulate and destructive in their ways being clear channels of negativity, we can not move as One.
It will only be a struggle in opposite directions which is reflected in pretty much every event in our society. It is a everyday internal war that only wears people out and makes them sick, so don,t fall into the finite deadly drama.
Stay centered and cool. This is nothing. It is an imposed illusion meant to break you down, fool your perception so that you stay slightly dulled, distracted and unaware of your true powers.
When you can see behind the veils of deception then you are free.

There is nothing to fear.


Love & Light

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Female availability- Sin -Blame it on the consciousness

Females are trained by our cultures to be continuously available for others, it probably stems from the mother instinct, making sure that everyone is allright. This has become her one and only goal since it is greatly satisfying to serve but can also be draining unless you fill your soul with those little things that makes one heart sing, like doing that something for yourself that in extension will better the lives of those around you.

Remember that men discard doing certain things and know how to arrange their day so that they can get some serious stuff done and that you have the choice to work for you or for someone else so delegate the laundry, dishes, cleaning IF you want also a career or you, ll kill yourself trying to arrange the house, the community and the world while the guys are doing that one thing and disco dancing.

It could be taking some time for you, in prayers and meditation, doing sports or yoga.
Make a business out of one of your hobbies. Partying hard, doing drugs or gambling simply isn,t good for you or anyone around you, neither during or after. One take much longer to recuperate those braincells as one gets older and having hangovers simply isn,t perceived as cool or fun but more like self imposed torture resulting in serious and obvious time loss and possible disease. Blowing money on stupid things creates stress and stress disease. Add that people are readily available for all kinds of stupid thoughtless moves when they are drunk and high and maybe even more so nowadays when first world youth literally swim in new synthetic anti- depressive drugs that pull out a feeling of something like a false empty love for everyone that you don,t really feel naturally or have even been taught to cultivate in a harsh material world, while instead of moving out of love , everyone’s dark inner secrets and promiscuous sides moved by lust come to the surface having been triggered daily by sports coaches, priests, teachers and others many entrust their children and adolescents to, pushing all kinds of unusual sexuality and other strange and violent suggestions onto the people as a physical and even mediatic weapon. A female that was raped while half strangled during the sexual act may hate men and be traumatized forever and become lesbian but she can also very possibly actually like it in the future, so we are creating a sick diseased society where people in all directions are simply harmed and crazy, looking to relive a painful experience or avoid the entire thing and I wouldn,t base a family on that. So everyone is just “having fun” but everyone is hurt, trying to find love in superficial places.
Add that women ( and many men) for some reason move with very little self confidence, it’s like they are desperate for attention even if we all know that happiness doesn,t come from someone else or is not found outside of you, people are way readily available, needy and very quick to satisfy simple pleasures and desires. One can literally replace anyone on a sexual level, if that is the only level you can bother with because when you are in the first chakra consciousness there is a lot of pretty fertile people around that would fulfill your immediate needs and ego in a flash, but you won’t be a great lover or father unless you have the capacity to love, all that weird stuff will never be enough or even give you anything more than a fleeting disconnection away from the other person and even life itself.

A truly powerful soul cannot be replaced on any level since they have taken their power seat and cannot be moved, their self confidence is unceasing and backed by the highest force which is God with its energetic Light that cannot be matched in universal power. Their mission is more important than all the details. They know what they want. Humans on failed missions are simply replaced. Time is non – existing in their reality. These humane energetic sound constructs are aware of their immortality and very powerful and come in on serious missions to uplift the consciousness of humanity and create big shifts.


You have the choice to pick up on that highest dimensional part of you and manifest it here on earth or not. You can also choose to roam on lower and more fearful, unsupported grounds.

On this particular planet one particularly rebellious and fallen angel was thrown and is only allowed to delve in and display his negativity in a 3 D limited reality since he was challenging God for his power, so he was thrown down here. In this place he displays fear, terror, tricks the living into dying by having them challenge every intelligent unbending law that would be smart to follow through those who look for power, extreme wealth, those that have simple egos and think of themselves as Gods and superior, for those who only see the physical, material and carnal, for those who think that this is it (thought forms: if you can’t see it, it’s not there, after this early experience its over/ if I can’t understand it then it doesn,t exist in my world). For these people who live in mental simplicity can be easily used and tricked. What most humans experience here is hell on earth due to the human negative choices and the toxic concentration, it seems to be one darned thing after the other that couldn,t be possible caused by brutal careless people displaying countless victims and comes with a dense heavy feeling due to its low consciousness, absolute chaos, non – flow, ugliness and imperfection.

There is an entirely different illusion and more amazing place/ dimension that can only be reached through meditation and a pure heart which is the way of absorbing knowledge in a peaceful state, pick out the parts you need (the truth) and assemble this information correctly into something intelligent and beautiful manifested here on earth.

What you will notice is that most human creations are not that intelligent, pretty or thoughtful in the 3D whereas nature lies in an absolute splendor, this shows that humans, out of ego seem to consider themselves the most special species here sin over the place documenting things in a ( for them) visible and durable way but due to the extremely low consciousness displayed humans may possibly be some of the most crude and unrefined creations in desperate need for an accelerated spiritual growth as their unsubtle choices and actions reveal.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 29, 2017

La Impunidad de ciertas clases politicas y sociales

Si vamos a ser juzgados por igual en una verdadera democracia no podemos seguir dejando impunes a la peor plaga de las sociedades, las personas que simplemente son la causa del desequilibrio social y usan estructuras sociales para su proprio beneficio en vez de concentrarse en su trabajo que es devolver esos impuestos y cobros a la sociedad invertiendo en un desarollo inteligente y sostenible basado sobre las necesidades inmediatas en la misma levantandola a otros niveles mejorando la vida de todos para eliminar la pobreza, la desesperacion y los crimenes.

Es un pais muy lindo y tiene de todo para tener exito si dejan la envidia de un lado y dejan prosperar a todos y por eso tienen que empezar a reconocer los que van a hacer un cambio positivo basado sobre las realidades serias economicas del pais con numeros concretos considerando el despilfarro de los gobiernos anteriores y la absoluta necesidad de sacar adelante al pais, algo mas mas que solo pagar sueldos a gente que no producen adentro del gobierno y que mas bien pesan siendo un obstaculo para un avance rapido del pais.


Tienen que manejar el pais como se maneja un negocio , no intelectualizar y romantizar tanto pero concretar obras visible al ojo del ciudadano. Un ejemplo es la nueva Ley de Aguas, cuando lo que menos necesitan son mas leyes que nadie sigue y algunos jueces como que ni buscan la verdad y las leyes solo se distorcionan (en un pais que ademas necesita una seria reforma judicial) dependiendo de lo que se quiere conseguir ademas haciendo que la gente comun y corriente el lots ojos del Estado parecen idiotas destructivas y egoistas y que alguien con dinero de una vez se convierte en un consumidor voraz y solo hace dano, mientras muchos demuestran todo lo contrario, mas bien con su proprio dinero protegen el interes publico por mientras que muchos en positiones de poder politica usan dinero ajeno, de su proprio pueblo y vecindad, por su beneficio personal.



Deslegitimacion del poder judicial

Una gran reforma judicial para Costa Rica

Trámite antipopular y antidemocrático a nueva Ley de Aguas

Proyecto Ley de Aguas

Por lo siguiente pienso que mas que leyes lo que necesita este pais es subir un poco la consciencia. La justicia viene sola, sin o con una sistema judicial, los malos estan en este mismo momento arruinado al pais solo por como se mueven en su inconsciencia y lo peor esta solo por venir si el pais insistiendo el seguir en la routina y en la zona de confort haciendo las cosas como siempre en vez de buscar los ciudadanos que si representan al pais y que tienen la inteligencia y el coraje de formar una nueva sociedad que funcione. Son gente un poco mas practicos y directos y su equipo/ el gobierno entero tienen que pensar igual y correr en la misma direccion como una unida Costa Rica para su gente.

Amor y Luz

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 25, 2017

A Society of Drunks

We live in a society of drunks, where people would rather cut up their boring routine life forgetting about reality rather than delving into the real interesting work that lies behind changing it…into a world where you are never bored.

In fact people post the most hilarious selfies where I am sure at that moment they felt very cool but really they look pretty bad, lol, now if this is what some people call quality time then one can’t expect much of a “higher outcome” from such a “crawlingleveled  society”. In fact most sexual harassments, rapes, aggressions, infidelities, car accidents and an entire list of pretty common indiscretions and societal evils are pretty much always happening when people are under the influence of our most common drug, alcohol. It is also a huge catalyst for cancer making the body more acidic and susceptible to disease.

Then it’s amazing how alcohol breaks up entire societies, marriages and relationships since drunk people say some crazy evil things, have sex with pretty much anyone when drunk and horny, that includes other men, women, children and animals, let’s not even mention all the children born out of wedlock, the unrecognized tortured humans born out of slaves, cleaning ladies or nannies and many times lacking only later on to become angry, frustrated and dangerous. So  while every single female in there is clearly humiliated in her search for the perfect provider and most likely used for his comfort, the drunken man is still endlessly looking for a second mother, some consolation for his mental disease of thinking more than he is living or doing, “superfull” of himself, procrastinating and not really enjoying any of it with the faint “almost romantic ” hope that a woman will fill some empty hole he hasn’t even bothered to fill himself, wandering around in mental emotional instability and that’s why no one is happy.





Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 1, 2017

Apathy- being slammed against our society

There is a recurrent reaction to being slammed from all sides (augmenting the feel of never getting where you are heading) among humans and that is that more and more people are reacting with apathy. Reason being is that they feel like there is simply no point in trying to do anything since they have attempted every path but sick societal systems make everything impossible, they had no justice when right, a sequestered independence, a false democracy, no solid support with their projects from anywhere, no family or government collaborating (within families where no one seems to get it together, someone is usually a faithless substance abuser on at least alcohol, a huge ego trip and absent, everyone is fighting, they are clearly dysfunctional and only rarely does one strong personality make it out there to do something bigger but almost never as a unified force with the family, not only because these same people are not only harmed but oftentimes very destructive, self destructive and abusive with no respect, these people experience the world as chaotic without remedy and everyone and their grandma is their enemy and it’s obviously much harder to see or make the changes or trying to be objective while totally attacked and submerged in the problems with no confidence.

To get out of the apathy we have to try and look beyond this 3 D dimension and understand the limitless source and the limitations of three dimensional thinking. Societies should try and create more socially inclusive and fun environments where one can explore ones creativity, find your talents and inner source instead of like it is now; always slamming people (and specially youth when dealing with their third world governments that won,t invest a penny in them)with a rotund NO or “that is not possible or will it ever be” that ” no one lives their dream” or ” I never nursed my babies” or whatever it is they resent never having done, until a person simply closes down and gives up on everything.

I used to stress soo much about our situation affecting me and specially my sons in too many ways until deep inside I had to somewhere accept that it had been totally created and created by the fathers on their immense ego trip, consciously with the consent of this entire apathic society, even if it was shocking and cruel , me and my sons were simply the sacrifice they couldn,t care less about.

You only need to prove things to yourself, and take responsibility for yourself and your children that are God, honestly, no one else matters but God in that sense, that is the light that you are and God totally and completely loves you where humanity and your parents failed. You don,t need to prove anything to anybody.

A corrupt, evil, patriarchal -death- worshipping society will never admit the power of a light until it’s out. Or the importance and warmth of a mother, until she is gone.




That is why I want to se you make it, to prove them wrong.

Love & Light


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