Everything is energy, sound with the fundament of numbers creating simultaneously divine symmetry.

When charged particles collide there is friction, in a good way or in a bad way, energy moves.

If you look at the Bible, that text could be one version of the creation of one of our seemingly human species but maybe not by God but a possible interfering  ” Creator God” or maybe this ” Creator God “can “slip in” just at the moment when life is created and try to take Gods place in worship.

” When just 2 of these very special people get together, they can not only start a nation-changing revolution, they can trigger a revolution of consciousness”

Strange things happen to those with this blood type

How did Adam appear, as a grownup or a child or a child with genes of a grownup?
Then look at how Eve came from Adams rib, after he was already created, what does that tell us? That they are from the same gene pool, that their race was either inbred or cloned, or that maybe all these beings descend from only these two gene pool sources. But then a clone would be of the same sex, thus needed at least one male and one female. Now if God energy is androgynous, perfect balance of yin and yang, light and dark, then there must be a way to bring balance to our own male and female sides expressing them but maybe not in the confused ways we see today in the LGTB community and certainly not only in the physical and carnal. Once again, are these new people another race experiment gone awry?

Why is the snake evil? He represent a shapeshifter, that” sheds his skin”, takes on a new body…

Humans have different blood types and this could be related to different original races and traits more than skin color that could be solely a distractive external environmental factor.
One race is human, but what if the others may not fully be….or human at all and those Creator Gods to whom they show worship and loyalty before the Almighty Creator as their creator and who can only to manipulate the physical earth realm and the material. Lucifer himself, a great trickster and deceiver, note that he is the angel of music, and frequencies, is one or at least a collaborator that  harvests souls through the never ending temptations that trick them into various death scenarios. We are very possibly dealing with AI’s  and a central computer brain that they are connected to and they are already present around us (Artificial Intelligence). There are existing machines that create anti-matter, they collide protons while spinning them, now in the areas of which these machines called quantum computers, that can access parallell universes with superposition (using 0 and 1 simultaneously), these machines have to be stored under extremely cold temperatures, in the coldest places on earth and there is a bad vibe around them, lots of strange negative things happen there.

Fact is that many people and their bodies could possibly be needed for new AI, s to use, in a great experiment, there may be some sort  of interception at birth and supposed death.

In fact imagine what a great resurrection one could stage if you had the wrong intent, add a holographic alien invasion with some creepy sounds and bad vibrations, a few chaotic events at the same time to cause chaos, maybe even a “Saviour”  accompanied by an army of giant AI,s that read emotion and you bet people would bow and do what they are told.

Now, Lucifer of chaos and darkness, will with his sounds, knowing all the instruments( frequencies), coming in again after he tried and destroy the God of Ra (one of the Creator God) AND the God of Maat ( The Underworld- possibly located at the Center of the Earth) and he will collaborate with at least two demons/ bodies without souls possibly AI.


Obviously this is some sort of experiment of which the outcome could go out of control considering the additional digital intelligence of these AI creations, that will have traits of unusually talented and psychic humans combined with AI which would create sort of ” super humans ” with a wide range of abilities and an unbeatable physical strength, perfect for an army.
This particular race celebrate Saturn and Saturday, a planet with a six pointed star at the north end with a possible particle accelerator in the shape of a black cube and a spiral at the south point. This play of energies of dark matter, may affect events here on Earth.


According to an expert on the matter here on earth there are practices of replication and duplication cloning, in the first it grows into a baby, in the second a grownup human is grown in a tank, they have four stages, the first being an organic robotoid, they have the ability to transfer your consciousness into an AI, or clone of you during sleep. They can then use your clone while sleeping. These cells they can easily get from a pap-smear or a piece of foreskin.
Like depicted in Xanadu about 9 muses of Olympia coming to life starring Olivia Newton John. These clones can be used, and specifically talented, intelligent or psychic people are interesting to these ” creatures”.

There are people that choose to work in the dark, hidden while plotting and planning this and every event around us because this dimension is blissful in itself until negativity is drawn into it.

The sole purpose of these people is to work on every event and frequency that invite and bring in large amounts of anti -matter and it doesn’t matter through which human or which negative emotion it manifests, as long as it does and in as many people as possible and in that way opening the unseen portals of which this collective negative dark energy  can enter, creating an unbalance of light and dark, and take over, creating extreme chaos, violence and confusion in our society.

These circumstances make certain people make large sums of money.

So if you can make people irritated and angry over things, it doesn’t matter what, as long as they get agitated for example creating events that make people divide and want to fight each other, or cause them stress on various levels, manipulate strings, practice disrespect and insults, degrade females and children or the working class, their goal gets closer, because everyone taps into the negative frequencies and in that way it helping to manifest here, because if they can focus and increase negative vibes through all media and the Internet cloud in any way, they can help co-create and create the perfect environment for the negative action and even help you to visualize fearful events like aliens and zombies invasions, mass destruction and disasters through media, pumping up on the bad frequencies they can have pretty much immediate results. The fact that the existing antimatter machines ( proton accelerators) create a bad, weird vibration around the area where it sits says a lot about its strong negative power that few can control or even contain the upsurging emotions, since the emotions and events are one after anotheras if a dam broke. When one start loosing the calm triggered by something, or start the insults the anger will be flowing that way, in fact they know at what exact frequency you are much easier to be affected by it, connect with it and take that negativity into and then spread it all over this, originally pure and blissful reality. There are also frequencies that create perfect harmony, so if you can alter them somehow, you can shift moods and events.



Strange things happen to people with this bloodtype

Why does the U.S government track those with Rh-negative factor, especially those with O- blood type, with such extraordinary monitoring techniques—worldwide?

Truth : “That there were, and are, no alien abductions; there are only government kidnappings. And, that the exceedingly impressive Roswell UFO incident, just like the other much-publicized UFO events, was actually executed by the U.S. Military and and Hollywood to spread the fake story that aliens are visiting us, and even crashing their spaceships into the Earth (apparently they ran out of gas). KEY POINT: All alleged alien abductions were actually elaborate hoaxes perpetrated against unsuspecting people who were transported to specially equipped labs deep underground.  The illusion of spaceships commandeered by EBEs and evil grey aliens surrounding the operating tables was fabricated as a cover to enable thousands of kidnappings of people of interest by the government. A disproportionate percentage of those criminal abductions were experienced by victims with O- blood.Hollywood to spread the fake story that aliens are visiting us, and even crashing their spaceships into the Earth (apparently they ran out of gas).


What if certain toxic people may not even be human…


Love and Light



Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 22, 2018

War on the Mind – Causing mental instabilities

The industrialization, the porn industry and materialistic soul less world view has created a series of common mental ailments worldwide. This affects our everyday world much more than we ever thought possible. This affects all the relationships, work – and personal and removes stability and peace of mind for those involved. For example childhood rape or incest will unleash many reactions that will affect that person physically and emotionally FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Many are suicidal, confused about their sexuality and hate themselves. This has created bi polarity, sex obsessions, oversexed men and women who cannot control their sexuality sometimes leading to forced, aggressive, obscene and violent sex. When children are separated by routine from their safety net and put into the hands of strangers or people with low consciousness because of material needs a space is created where it is very possible they may get harmed, bullied, attacked or used. Just because they talk about yoga and spiritual book does NOT mean anything in fact it may be used as a hook for everyone to fall, just like the priests that are supposed to represent God and morality have taken to raping children after gaining the trust by parents and children they need to commit the crime. Add that some hierarchical and patriarchal societies and many wife’s of those men would never believe the child and sacrifice it right there as not worthy of anything, not love, not respect, nothing.

When things, pleasure and desire take over there is no space for love and soul, men have taken as a sport to suppress women and take advantage of their vulnerability.
Vulnerable beings are only used and never respected in a world of brutality. Life is not honored as it should, many tribes here right now celebrate death and violence as a way of living and those will soon not be part of the planetary experience since death is their absolute choice.

So it is.

Sexual VampirismSexual VampirismSexual Vampirism

Dislodging negative enery attachments

Love & Light



let me tell you how complicated it was to post this FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 29, 2017

Catch them when they are Young

I am not sure if humans are are aware of how dangerous it is for our society to let young people be mistreated, lied to or abused. That includes having them pass starvation and ceaseless stress. These people may easy turn into very angry, emotionally unstable and sometimes even dangerous people.


This is where the focus of our society should be, look at how the youngest are doing, and the marginalized…are they loved or tortured?
This will mark them for life and define all their relations.
This will also define our society and our survival as a species through our relations to all living beings, known and unknown.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 29, 2008

Hello World!

“A super conscious society in perfect tune with its environment, our natural resources within Mother Earth, has enterprises that reflects this highest of respect, moral and honor in everything they do, so defining a new era in the world of economics “



Born in Stockholm, Sweden . Studied Natural Sciences at Östra Real in Stockholm , Sweden.
Modelled professionally with Eileen Ford Agency and IMG in Paris, Milano, New York. Worked with important designers like Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Armani, Chanel, Fendi,, Karl Lagerfeldt, Hermes, Comme des Garcons, Yohij Yamamoto,Versace, Sonia Rykiel , Calvin Klein and many more. Was seen in Revlon and CoverGirl, Versace and Armani, Benettton, Calvin Klein, BananaRepublic and Esprit Campaigns and magazines like Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle , Allure, Glamour and great photographers like Aldo Fallai, Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, Tyen, Sacha, Phillip Newton and many more.

I am a mother and I live in Costa Rica since many years now a country that still has a lot of work to do being a third world country.
I bought a cattle farm, took the cows out to clean up the waters in the underying aquifers that feed the village and then let the species from the rain forest grow back, leaving only some terraces open for buildings and gardens for my future generations. I own a small organic cosmetics company and record label named “ Aya” and  helped to start up our village association Asociación de Desarrollo de Cabuya (ADICA) in 2004 and have been working closely with the Intendentes of Cobano, mailing many presidents giving counsel on environmental and other matters. I like to inspire youth. Life is not easy in Latinamerica, there is a lot of corruption, government and bank money goes everywhere but where it should, women are struggling to survive, there is not enough pressures on the men to take their responsibilities, they do not support youth, there is nothing going on in rural areas, no cultural exchange, no libraries, a lot of drug problems and wars in the streets.

When going through my difficulties here I started writing poems inspired and manifested in The Light, in prayer, I  wrote three books about society, world planning, the new economy and motherhood.

Words to inspire You to fearlessly live your dream .

I love to wake up at dawn, do yoga , eat healthy, plant precious seeds in my gardens and work at my dream of global transformation while I smother my children with hope and love, from near and afar!

“I appreciate the beauty and healing qualities of all that is natural in this world.”
Live in The Love and Pure Light!

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ayamusic & https://ayathorgren.wordpress.com/chocolate/

Thank You! May all beings be well and happy!

Aya Thorgren





ayatflashfish on Instagram


Tel : 506- 86193799



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Spiritual Love

Physical relationships could be great IF they would be on a spiritual level BUT this is just not that easy to find based on the average spirituality level of humanity at this moment.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience but how low are you willing to go to be touched by another being in case that being isn’t capable of expressing and experience love?


Pretty much everyone today has a trauma behind them that affects everything in their lives. Most haven’t faced these emotions to surpass and transmute the pain which is essential to experiencing self love, a grounded stability and love for others.

A lot of healing is needed on our planet before we can expect to have healthy relationships on every level.

Then, if lust is a program that kicks in so that humans procreate then why are humans displaying so much lust that is totally unrelated to procreation?

Is it because lust works like an addiction to drugs on the brain ?

In fact most of the lust related issues humanity experience from infidelity, pornography and sexual abuse are in relation to sex for pleasure. Is that because lust is also fueled by idealization and projection?



Questions that come up are;  why do we still experience sexual urges and attraction when older but not within a safe boundary for having healthy children? Or is it our unhealthy environment, stressful society and poor diet that has made women less fertile? In some cultures women can have healthy children well into their 60s.

Are we not supposed to have sex every time we feel excited and try to control this urge? Are men supposed to control their sperm when ejaculating? Are women supposed to use plants that bring on their menstruation?
Is it due to this lack of male ejaculatory expertise and poor diet that men started looking for younger and younger women throughout their lives to ensure healthy offsprings ?

Because it was easier?

Or out of lack of knowledge?

But then the hygiene still remains an issue, there is proof that uncontrolled widespread sexuality and certain ways of expressing sexuality isn’t healthy for the human organism on physical and mental levels.

I would assume in such a perfectly organized creation, that there is a perfect solution.

But which one is it?

Why do only spiritually inclined people abstain from sex by choice?
Is it because if you participate in sexuality and maybe specifically if your partner is on a lower consciousness frequency, being that close to that person energetically it would bring down your vibration, spiritual purity and intuitive powers?
Does it affect your ascension and even understanding of things?

I would say yes, but also very much depending on the stability of your state, how much on that love level you are and how strongly your energy overrides the other person’s lower frequency. There will clearly be a disconnect in between these beings though leaving you dissatisfied on many levels and this will bring you down energetically.

Now, why is having a physical relationship so important in our 3D world?
If you look at the rest of the brainwash programming that our society presents one of the biggest goals for a woman is to find ” her” man and for a man to find ” his ” woman.

Why is that?

Because we look for love, but outside of ourselves.

Is it because she is physically weaker and needs a man by her side for defense? This doesn’t explain the fact that many women actually feel safer and less vulnerable by themselves ever since the males started turning on/ fighting the females and every female aspect including our Mother Earth and their very own inner divine feminine aspect, leaving a hard shell of tough maleness without any feelings.

Women aren’t specifically protected or uplifted by democracy or justice and pretty much live in perpetual indignity. Women are treated like the average immigrant by nationalists no matter where they are on this planet. If she doesn’t exist/ is totally ignored, she is mistreated in one way or the other either personally or institutionally.

The fact that we are rushed to find a partner at an early age distracts us from going within, in solitude to find our inner self, and meditate on our personal wants and dreams. It prevents us from becoming happy with ourselves, being fine with spending time alone in reflection and makes us think that our happiness depends on something outside of us and so we spend our entire life feeling dissatisfied, co dependent and trying to fill the empty spaces with things and events only to experience fleeting moments of joy with deep crashes in between.


These moments of solitude may be the key to a unified global ascension and the strength you feel when having overcome your pain, that change in frequency, the key to personal and collective freedom and subsequent raising of consciousness.


Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 17, 2018

From Spiritual to Carnal and back

There is a lot to say about the moral state of humanity but we can all agree upon that the less spiritual a person becomes as he falls into the illusions of this world, the easier the person is distracted and the less he or she can be trusted.



We can see a clear comparison of how carnal men treat and use women with how they exploit Mother Earth for her unlimited abundant resources and fertility only to try to discard and replace her with time.

Respect and holiness of the feminine as divine and immortal doesn’t make a part of the carnal reality. It’s more simple and raw.

Carnal females do exist as a result of this treatment, the focus is on an exchange of sexuality for material comfort and status. Her approach is cold with very little feeling and a lack of deep love but offers an agreement of convenience.

A carnal human of low consciousness cannot be entrusted profound knowledge because he will not use it right or understand its depth and far reaching consequences when distorting the message and the result will be impure, contaminated and confusing.

People can also be at higher states but come down to lower states depending on frequency so when they speak out of a lower frequency what they say will not make sense.

“about his ministry being by the Holy Spirit; now he begins to tell them what must be the state of a people in order to accept spiritual truth and he says: “I have not liberty to speak to you as I would, for you are carnal, and you cannot receive Spiritual truth…”


Love & Light


In this world of duality and free will compared to the oneness and open will discussed by “The Quantum Soul” soul group there is a tendency to use imagination in an uncontrolled way.

If we can in lucid dreaming affect our daily lives positively when interfering and controlling our dreams or with the use of imagination in our daily lives in an awakened state, we can be pretty sure it can be done reversely and negatively.

If someone thinks a negative thought about you there is literally a flash of harmful energy directed directly towards you and it can be perceived and felt. If many people focus on fearful thoughts of war and destruction it will manifest. If people send an intense energy or vibe towards a plant, animal or even water positively or negatively, it is affected by it. If many people as a collective imagine harming a forest it will be harmed, even indirectly.

I suggest it’s important to take control of these fantasies and use them for something highly constructive rather than destructive.

Life is not a computer game.

If you have not healed up and balanced your inner being and easily feel anger or negative emotions it is good if you can try to abstain from unconscious manifestation by default, in those lower states the less you do the better it is.
Until you are in the “open will’ state which exist at higher states of consciousness, where contrast is not needed for manifestation because the right thing to do is so obvious, stay cool and keep it simple or chaos will for certain emerge.

If you play with light for example, heal with it, bless people with it, love and touch them with it but don’t shoot at them with it or imagine harmful things you wouldn’t want to do in this realm because if you focus long enough it will manifest, for sure.

As above so below.

Mind over matter.



Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 10, 2018

Programming of the Mind – Fear & Worry

How many of us wake up and expect the worst based on our past?

Too many.

I remember a time when I only needed to imagine what I wanted and always get it but then through time being surrounded by extremely negative people that it was hard to maintain a distance too, I was starting to loose my self confidence and with time my manifestive powers.

I think this happens to a lot of children and usually at an early age because for many it is close family members or close friends who have limiting beliefs and repeat that life is hard and who do you think you are? What makes you think you deserve this, an easy life with all your dreams coming through?

Life is not a fairy tale…but is is, it can be.

And then slowly but surely just when we got excited about something new, dreaming about a possible future, before you know it , we are back in the past routine, doing the same things, talking to the same people, thinking the expected normal thoughts, feeling the same emotions, frustration, anger, resentment, fear and a worry about the future until we become addicted to the physical effects and rushes those emotions give us so we wake up, think about past events and recreate the same results over and over.

We have through repetition programmed our body into this state.

That is why when our conscious awareness try to think all these positive thoughts it doesn’t work at first because our body is so deeply programmed that it reacts totally different by pure reflex.

Body over mind.

Something that was experimented with the African slaves through Willie Lynch’s Slave master Speech; How to make a slave. It seems only appropriate that the same idea would possibly be used to create through a thorough programming of the mind, the subsequent industrial slave.



“If you can break the female she will break her own offspring at an early stage.”

Willie Lynch

We live a life based on past experiences instead of visualizing a perfect future.
The mind doesn’t understand time, so if you imagine joy or anything joyful or abundance then that is what is and the physical, material aspect aligns itself and manifests your thought.

If you can through meditation learn how to observe your thoughts so that in conscious states you are highly aware of and watch your thoughts and manage to replace them with something better, you can actually be in control of your life and map your future instead of living a life by default, just barely making it and having to live through some type of strong event or trauma to wake you up.

Collapse old timelines that are antiquated and that won’t serve you where you are going next and open yourself up to a beautiful world.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 4, 2018

Kundalini – Earth to Divinity

People harbour fears of their own sexuality. They stay, maybe through trauma related to it, stuck in an afraid state of their physical emotional being. They are scared to connect to the divine part of it through the heart, the joy, love, inner peace and the beauty remaining in the lower realms of lust, shame and guilt, maybe even anger and a short termed unfulfilling connection to the extatic realms of endless creativity that is born out of a healthy connection to your body in relation to the heavenly bodies.

When you raise your physical connection and connect it with the higher realms you become a blissful co-creator with your feet deeply rooted into this Earth and your mind high up and tapped into unlimited sources.


When you allow for people to be who they are and for you to be who you truly are you become free of judgement, free of condemning and the energy is takes to focus on that.
Then you can through thought and vibration attract the people and events that vibrate on your level so as to augment that frequency and make it a powerful energy and force that upgrades and shifts everything that is in its vicinity.


While focusing on the beauty that you want, the yet unseen perfection, you bring into your reality those dreams and the beauty that you are, instead of randomly accessing your chaotic awareness being all over the place, on everything that you don’t like and don’t want and by default bringing those unwanted things into reality through the attention you give it.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 31, 2018

Resistance -Foresight vs Hindsight

I was exploring my own resistance to consuming based on that I was excited about traveling and sharing my ideas, except for I wouldn’t want to travel in those fossilfuel run airplanes, I was equally excited about manifesting a car, as long as it wasn’t detrimental to our environment and super stoked to stock up on groceries, although it’s too bad everything is still packed in flimsy plastic bags that will go straight into the garbage…or my resistance to enjoying and just having fun while there is still so much suffering on this planet…


I happened upon an article the other day, “An AI Wake-Up Call From Ancient Greece” by Adrienne Mayor author of the forthcoming book Gods and Robots: Myth, Machines, and Ancient Dreams of Technology (November 2018) after having a vivid dream about a space craft leaving Earth with our water and a nest of AI,s.


This oval  space ship was shipping off water on a similar ship that was hooked up to the first one and taking it out of here at sunset. In the mountain wall overlooking the valley to the right of the ship there was a cave with giant eggs with humans in them and all of a sudden one of them, a male came out and ran at an extremely high speed towards me and then passed me and someone started chasing him, caught up to him and put him in this booth and he took on this servicial attitude and showed me the way in, sort of like a humanoid robot and I walked into this building and was introduced to a lot of people.

This article caught my eye because of these following key notes;
” What it shows is that it is better to listen to “Prometheans” who are concerned about humanity’s future than “Epimetheans” who are easily dazzled by the prospect of short-term gains….As Plato tells us, Prometheus’s name means “foresight,” because he was always looking ahead, unlike his carefree brother, Epimetheus, whose name means “hindsight.” …. tech leaders who in 2017 spoke out about the threat of weaponized AI and robotics. “We do not have long to act,” they warned. “Once this Pandora’s box is opened, it will be hard to close.”

There are too many ” hindsighters” out there which explains the enormous resistance to investment into the right things, for the right reasons and done with respect and Pandora’s box which I instantly related to the black cube, black matter creating Cern hadron collider and the current unusual particle reactions in Antarctica and even recent violence is just like that… once you start … can it even be stopped…?


Pandoras Box by Adrienne Mayor

Cern Decoded – DNA -Greek Mythology / Apollo 👇🏼


” You cannot separate the physical from the spiritual”



Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 25, 2018


It’s really bad for you to surround yourself with mediocre fearful people that say things like; – “Well I,ll believe it when I see it” or ” I sure HOPE so ” with that heavy negative intonation when you talk about what a great day you had getting things done and visualizing your future.
Or the kind of people that when you ask them for a small favour look at you as if you are REALLY bothering them and make a huge deal out of everything, maybe even adding a tinge of distrust based on nothing, just to make you feel like shit. Also cut those off who say you are NOT going to change the world, or make any difference in it, immediately. What they are really trying to say is that they don’t have the vision, interest nor the ability to perceive your special talents and because of that neither should they sit in the judgement seat because they are simply not at the level unless, of course, they want to be judged themselves.

Everything manifested here on Earth comes from an unseen place, is seen in the mind, held in our hearts and then born into this material world. So if they can’t see it and their vision stops there it explains why they didn’t make it that far, because their imagination is limited, based on things that are already seen and done making nothing they do original or even that special.

Another way of destroying a person is to continuosly suggest they do something else than what they love to do. Everytime a young person has that shine in the eyes and glow about doing something that they love, if you want to truly destroy them for life, repeat how frivolous that is, how hard it’s gonna be and suggest they do something totally different, maybe even boring or something they are not good at because it’s the “right” thing to do, now this will totally kill their spirit and in the worst case, for life. It will take them years to come back to themselves after they realize what happened.


I am saying this because if you listen to these type of messages repeatedly they will program you into apathy, fear of action and lower your self confidence. Soon you won’t want to try anything being sure it won’t work or because of the fear of everyones reaction around you. You will be stuck in a 3D world with no perceivable way out.

Any society that daily works on transforming good, innocent people into non thinking machines with “dead” suppressed spirits in the name of any industry, should be condemned. When I see what the old patriarchs do to women or to every child in third world countries my blood starts boiling with rage.
There is a constant belittling of everyones dreams while entire institutes headed by males live plushly on the money that never reaches the people who are walking with their heads down, their entire lives thinking that life is a struggle and that that is how it must be when in reality it only is hard when you are doing something you resist with your entire soul, something that isn’t you, it just isn’t what you were born here to do and therefore you experience no joy when you do it, you are not relaxed when you do it nor at peace with how it’s done, you put no love into what you do and what you do doesn’t inspire you to grow in excitement very day, so of course it’s not going to be a success. You are literally making someone else’s dream come true and that is called slavery in my world, even if it’s indirect. To inspire a woman to do house work with all kinds of commentaries about what a woman should be because that would be practical for you and her dependance also making her more controllable, is sick in my eyes.

To tell your children that it’s better they do this and that because it makes you happy is totally and completely egotistical.
Women and children were not born to please the old patriarchs. That would be indirect slavery just like putting psychological pressure on someone with some type of agenda would be indirect homicide in the case that person caves in and looses hope and for example commits suicide.

Listen daily to inspiring people like for example Ester & Abraham Hicks or Jay Shetty, Victor Oddo, Jess at The Quantum Soul or Aluna Ash, people that uplift your spirit and soul into empowerment. These people carry high vibrations that your soul actually gets inspired by, inspired to go as high as you can go without any limitations, these are people that don’t have any agendas, they just want to see everyone free, loved and united.
These are the kind of people that even if you don’t completely understand what they are saying at first their energy, eyes, voice and words transmit spirituality and your body and soul will take in the message and energy subconsciously.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 22, 2018

The Unspoken Law

There are many laws that are supposed to handle wrongs in our society but the truth is that only when you do the right thing do you get thoroughly punished.

The other problem we have is that laws are clearly not democratic, you never get judged by what you do but depending on who you are.
It’s okay to intimidate innocent beings to a state of fear or apathy but if you answer back or react on that same level, now that’s a huge problem which seems to be easy to make a giant issue about that deserves immediate punishment, attacks and aggressive targeting.

They have hundreds of laws against calumny that are never used adequately when you need them but if you say the truth, straight up things as they are,  they,ll charge you for it with everything from character assasination to destroying your business and social network.

The key here is that when the shit hits the fan…it goes everywhere. What I mean with that is that when your focus is on this yucky lower negativity structure they simply have nothing better or higher to come back with. They are not the highest authority on the aspect, they are only a reflection of authority on a low consciousness level.


Another example is that for example the ones that are supposed to teach us in school are not the most intelligent but the most obedient in maintaining the status quo. Their overall all message is to sit down, be quiet and listen.There is never a deep exchange of thoughts.

Education is based on static past events without bridging it in the fluid today to visualize an inspired future. This creates this huge gap of unclear confusion and even lies which are obviously hard to grasp for most students making education boring, confusing and even depressive.

Mind you it is much harder to memorize total lies than something that actually makes sense.

The structure is pretty much based on creating a few leaders (the ones that managed to break out of the paradigm) and many followers (workers).


Now if you wonder why you deep inside hate our society wonder no more and don’t feel bad about creating the changes needed and bringing it up a few levels so that your life is fulfilling and you get to experience peace of mind, not a long string of continously weird contradictory events that make you either irritated or furious.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 22, 2018


The worst part of gangstalking is being constantly harrassed all day with extreme sounds, people, interruptions, strange events, robberies, you can,t leave, you can,t stay,  people walking around the house turning on and off the water or electricity, riding motorcycles up and down, screaming, electric tools going all day, chainsawing, weed whacking, dog barking all day, questions, phonecalls about nothing etc etc.

“From low to high, the levels of consciousness are: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment.”

According to the book” Power vs Force” by David R. Hawkins.

Courage is the gateway, according to Steve Pavlina that analyzed the book.

Levels of Consciousness by Steve Pavlina

What they want to do is bring you down from the highest level of enlightenment to fear or anger or even below that by triggered events.

In any way they can bring you down, reason being this affects and blocks your manifestation power which is key to transforming your personal life and society.

The moment you are aware of it you are ready for the game.


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So here it comes one thing after the next but you chose to stay up there and focus on everything you can that make you feel love, joy and peace regardless.

The neutrality and acceptance works for knowing that this is how they are, they are not changing, they are relentless and most people in low consciousness levels are easy to manipulate, they are easy in every way.

Don’t let it get to you.

Like this none of these outer events have any power over you and you can sail right by them.


Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 19, 2018

5G vs the 5D Divine Source Heart Thinkers

It is no coincidence that as we are spiritually and collectively ascending into 5D heart intelligence the lower dimensional earth groups are gearing into 5G. The first would represent a community of equally empowered humans taking their given place and specific powers in history to make a quantum leap as a world community and the second will use total and extreme control of the minds of everyone from a distance for the agenda of a few or maybe even one tyrant, whoever is in control of the system, while any person who thinks differently and won’t comply is looked upon as a disruptive problem and will simply be destroyed and taken out.

It’s important that you understand that an electromagnetic grid that is everywhere does affect your mind and your mind decides your actions in the world and the activities of your body. There are ongoing experiments right now on citizens and random neighborhoods by companies dedicated to security using what they call non – lethal weapons and what that means is that noone is physically killing you but your mind is altered and you are affected psychologically meaning that violence, depressions, and negative emotions can be induced so that YOU will do things that you have to be accountable for and can in that way be used to take out undesirable citizens while taking yourself out at the same time, take your own life when your work or message is becoming a problem for the system, sabotage your business network or friendships by acting out in strange ways or doing or saying random weird things and behaving out of the ordinary. The people around you can be continuosly distracted or act out, your business and private emails or any communication be delayed or altered or simply disappear with the goal to isolate you and ruin every aspect of your life.


If you mention anything to anyone they will immediately think you are either paranoid or crazy. You will be referred to a psychiatrist, get medicated (and even easier to control) while possibly and conveniently so declared insane and legally unfit to decide over what you own or even vote.

I suggest you research gangstalking and character assasination which is a raising phenomena ruining many lives of intelligent people, free thinkers and other geniouses that are trying to stop this kind of mind control right now. Other targets are young tech wiz types (and other creative people and lightworkers with high moral grounds that work with humanity in mind), many are “suiciding” and I assume their ideas being taken up before they are officialized.

Be aware of your thoughts that they be Creator Source material and not a lower frequency imposed thought with some type of agenda behind it and make a collective decision if this type of technology is something humanity actually wants.

Because we don’t need it.

Love & Light


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