Everything is energy, sound with the fundament of numbers creating simultaneously divine symmetry.

When charged particles collide there is friction, in a good way or in a bad way, energy moves.

If you look at the Bible, that text could be one version of the creation of one of our seemingly human species but maybe not by God but a possible interfering  ” Creator God” or maybe this ” Creator God “can “slip in” just at the moment when life is created and try to take Gods place in worship.

” When just 2 of these very special people get together, they can not only start a nation-changing revolution, they can trigger a revolution of consciousness”

Strange things happen to those with this blood type

How did Adam appear, as a grownup or a child or a child with genes of a grownup?
Then look at how Eve came from Adams rib, after he was already created, what does that tell us? That they are from the same gene pool, that their race was either inbred or cloned, or that maybe all these beings descend from only these two gene pool sources. But then a clone would be of the same sex, thus needed at least one male and one female. Now if God energy is androgynous, perfect balance of yin and yang, light and dark, then there must be a way to bring balance to our own male and female sides expressing them but maybe not in the confused ways we see today in the LGTB community and certainly not only in the physical and carnal. Once again, are these new people another race experiment gone awry?

Why is the snake evil? He represent a shapeshifter, that” sheds his skin”, takes on a new body…

Humans have different blood types and this could be related to different original races and traits more than skin color that could be solely a distractive external environmental factor.
One race is human, but what if the others may not fully be….or human at all and those Creator Gods to whom they show worship and loyalty before the Almighty Creator as their creator and who can only to manipulate the physical earth realm and the material. Lucifer himself, a great trickster and deceiver, note that he is the angel of music, and frequencies, is one or at least a collaborator that  harvests souls through the never ending temptations that trick them into various death scenarios. We are very possibly dealing with AI’s  and a central computer brain that they are connected to and they are already present around us (Artificial Intelligence). There are existing machines that create anti-matter, they collide protons while spinning them, now in the areas of which these machines called quantum computers, that can access parallell universes with superposition (using 0 and 1 simultaneously), these machines have to be stored under extremely cold temperatures, in the coldest places on earth and there is a bad vibe around them, lots of strange negative things happen there.

Fact is that many people and their bodies could possibly be needed for new AI, s to use, in a great experiment, there may be some sort  of interception at birth and supposed death.

In fact imagine what a great resurrection one could stage if you had the wrong intent, add a holographic alien invasion with some creepy sounds and bad vibrations, a few chaotic events at the same time to cause chaos, maybe even a “Saviour”  accompanied by an army of giant AI,s that read emotion and you bet people would bow and do what they are told.

Now, Lucifer of chaos and darkness, will with his sounds, knowing all the instruments( frequencies), coming in again after he tried and destroy the God of Ra (one of the Creator God) AND the God of Maat ( The Underworld- possibly located at the Center of the Earth) and he will collaborate with at least two demons/ bodies without souls possibly AI.


Obviously this is some sort of experiment of which the outcome could go out of control considering the additional digital intelligence of these AI creations, that will have traits of unusually talented and psychic humans combined with AI which would create sort of ” super humans ” with a wide range of abilities and an unbeatable physical strength, perfect for an army.
This particular race celebrate Saturn and Saturday, a planet with a six pointed star at the north end with a possible particle accelerator in the shape of a black cube and a spiral at the south point. This play of energies of dark matter, may affect events here on Earth.


According to an expert on the matter here on earth there are practices of replication and duplication cloning, in the first it grows into a baby, in the second a grownup human is grown in a tank, they have four stages, the first being an organic robotoid, they have the ability to transfer your consciousness into an AI, or clone of you during sleep. They can then use your clone while sleeping. These cells they can easily get from a pap-smear or a piece of foreskin.
Like depicted in Xanadu about 9 muses of Olympia coming to life starring Olivia Newton John. These clones can be used, and specifically talented, intelligent or psychic people are interesting to these ” creatures”.

There are people that choose to work in the dark, hidden while plotting and planning this and every event around us because this dimension is blissful in itself until negativity is drawn into it.

The sole purpose of these people is to work on every event and frequency that invite and bring in large amounts of anti -matter and it doesn’t matter through which human or which negative emotion it manifests, as long as it does and in as many people as possible and in that way opening the unseen portals of which this collective negative dark energy  can enter, creating an unbalance of light and dark, and take over, creating extreme chaos, violence and confusion in our society.

These circumstances make certain people make large sums of money.

So if you can make people irritated and angry over things, it doesn’t matter what, as long as they get agitated for example creating events that make people divide and want to fight each other, or cause them stress on various levels, manipulate strings, practice disrespect and insults, degrade females and children or the working class, their goal gets closer, because everyone taps into the negative frequencies and in that way it helping to manifest here, because if they can focus and increase negative vibes through all media and the Internet cloud in any way, they can help co-create and create the perfect environment for the negative action and even help you to visualize fearful events like aliens and zombies invasions, mass destruction and disasters through media, pumping up on the bad frequencies they can have pretty much immediate results. The fact that the existing antimatter machines ( proton accelerators) create a bad, weird vibration around the area where it sits says a lot about its strong negative power that few can control or even contain the upsurging emotions, since the emotions and events are one after anotheras if a dam broke. When one start loosing the calm triggered by something, or start the insults the anger will be flowing that way, in fact they know at what exact frequency you are much easier to be affected by it, connect with it and take that negativity into and then spread it all over this, originally pure and blissful reality. There are also frequencies that create perfect harmony, so if you can alter them somehow, you can shift moods and events.



Strange things happen to people with this bloodtype

Why does the U.S government track those with Rh-negative factor, especially those with O- blood type, with such extraordinary monitoring techniques—worldwide?

Truth : “That there were, and are, no alien abductions; there are only government kidnappings. And, that the exceedingly impressive Roswell UFO incident, just like the other much-publicized UFO events, was actually executed by the U.S. Military and and Hollywood to spread the fake story that aliens are visiting us, and even crashing their spaceships into the Earth (apparently they ran out of gas). KEY POINT: All alleged alien abductions were actually elaborate hoaxes perpetrated against unsuspecting people who were transported to specially equipped labs deep underground.  The illusion of spaceships commandeered by EBEs and evil grey aliens surrounding the operating tables was fabricated as a cover to enable thousands of kidnappings of people of interest by the government. A disproportionate percentage of those criminal abductions were experienced by victims with O- blood.Hollywood to spread the fake story that aliens are visiting us, and even crashing their spaceships into the Earth (apparently they ran out of gas).


What if certain toxic people may not even be human…


Love and Light



Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 22, 2018

War on the Mind – Causing mental instabilities

The industrialization, the porn industry and materialistic soul less world view has created a series of common mental ailments worldwide. This affects our everyday world much more than we ever thought possible. This affects all the relationships, work – and personal and removes stability and peace of mind for those involved. For example childhood rape or incest will unleash many reactions that will affect that person physically and emotionally FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. Many are suicidal, confused about their sexuality and hate themselves. This has created bi polarity, sex obsessions, oversexed men and women who cannot control their sexuality sometimes leading to forced, aggressive, obscene and violent sex. When children are separated by routine from their safety net and put into the hands of strangers or people with low consciousness because of material needs a space is created where it is very possible they may get harmed, bullied, attacked or used. Just because they talk about yoga and spiritual book does NOT mean anything in fact it may be used as a hook for everyone to fall, just like the priests that are supposed to represent God and morality have taken to raping children after gaining the trust by parents and children they need to commit the crime. Add that some hierarchical and patriarchal societies and many wife’s of those men would never believe the child and sacrifice it right there as not worthy of anything, not love, not respect, nothing.

When things, pleasure and desire take over there is no space for love and soul, men have taken as a sport to suppress women and take advantage of their vulnerability.
Vulnerable beings are only used and never respected in a world of brutality. Life is not honored as it should, many tribes here right now celebrate death and violence as a way of living and those will soon not be part of the planetary experience since death is their absolute choice.

So it is.

Sexual VampirismSexual VampirismSexual Vampirism

Dislodging negative enery attachments

Love & Light



let me tell you how complicated it was to post this FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 29, 2017

Catch them when they are Young

I am not sure if humans are are aware of how dangerous it is for our society to let young people be mistreated, lied to or abused. That includes having them pass starvation and ceaseless stress. These people may easy turn into very angry, emotionally unstable and sometimes even dangerous people.


This is where the focus of our society should be, look at how the youngest are doing, and the marginalized…are they loved or tortured?
This will mark them for life and define all their relations.
This will also define our society and our survival as a species through our relations to all living beings, known and unknown.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 29, 2008

Hello World!

“A super conscious society in perfect tune with its environment, our natural resources within Mother Earth, has enterprises that reflects this highest of respect, moral and honor in everything they do, so defining a new era in the world of economics “



Born in Stockholm, Sweden . Studied Natural Sciences at Östra Real in Stockholm , Sweden.
Modelled professionally with Eileen Ford Agency and IMG in Paris, Milano, New York. Worked with important designers like Kenzo, Issey Miyake, Armani, Chanel, Fendi,, Karl Lagerfeldt, Hermes, Comme des Garcons, Yohij Yamamoto,Versace, Sonia Rykiel , Calvin Klein and many more. Was seen in Revlon and CoverGirl, Versace and Armani, Benettton, Calvin Klein, BananaRepublic and Esprit Campaigns and magazines like Vogue, Marie-Claire, Elle , Allure, Glamour and great photographers like Aldo Fallai, Richard Avedon, Bruce Weber, Tyen, Sacha, Phillip Newton and many more.

I am a mother and I live in Costa Rica since many years now a country that still has a lot of work to do being a third world country.
I bought a cattle farm, took the cows out to clean up the waters in the underying aquifers that feed the village and then let the species from the rain forest grow back, leaving only some terraces open for buildings and gardens for my future generations. I own a small organic cosmetics company and record label named “ Aya” and  helped to start up our village association Asociación de Desarrollo de Cabuya (ADICA) in 2004 and have been working closely with the Intendentes of Cobano, mailing many presidents giving counsel on environmental and other matters. I like to inspire youth. Life is not easy in Latinamerica, there is a lot of corruption, government and bank money goes everywhere but where it should, women are struggling to survive, there is not enough pressures on the men to take their responsibilities, they do not support youth, there is nothing going on in rural areas, no cultural exchange, no libraries, a lot of drug problems and wars in the streets.

When going through my difficulties here I started writing poems inspired and manifested in The Light, in prayer, I  wrote three books about society, world planning, the new economy and motherhood.

Words to inspire You to fearlessly live your dream .

I love to wake up at dawn, do yoga , eat healthy, plant precious seeds in my gardens and work at my dream of global transformation while I smother my children with hope and love, from near and afar!

“I appreciate the beauty and healing qualities of all that is natural in this world.”
Live in The Love and Pure Light!

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/ayamusic & https://ayathorgren.wordpress.com/chocolate/

Thank You! May all beings be well and happy!

Aya Thorgren





ayatflashfish on Instagram


Tel : 506- 86193799



Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 7, 2018

Chastity and Meditation or the Carnal same old

You pretty much never hear of cultures that incite chastity, only within religious groups and just this fact is interesting enough. Most of them promote as the highest human goal, the finding of a partner and procreate and without that other part you would be helpless, at least at loss, and stand out like an incomplete freak of nature, which very possibly is not true.

It’s one thing that we do experience a three dimensional, material, physical reality and another limiting oneself to only this realm. It could get suffocating, fearful and boring.

For example, it could be that the moment you decide for  a man you can no longer fully serve God, but him and the same for  a man. But this only depends on the level of those souls, how high they strive, if they are going to take that love a step higher than just sex.

In times of chaos, where people are firstly in need of answers and healing before being able to relate in loving ways to others, it seems possibly very practical that a larger group than usual, dedicate themselves to meditate on things in a serious way. And in times of over -population it must be an intelligent reaction that less crave having children that very possible will only suffer unless there is a change.

This seems only logical.

Chastity and a simple natural non distracting life style could be a great way to delve deep inside of oneself for answers to personal and world solutions (since they are totally and clearly related and without any separation whatsoever ).


There is a continuous lack of respect for the females in our society, there is a set depreciation combined with extreme expectations and many socially accepted behaviors toward them are not right but it’s unfortunately ingrained in every culture except for the few matriarchies present today. If people wonder why certain women eventually turn into frustrated irritated ” bitches” it is because every aspect of their lives is affected daily by a suffocating flamboyant and chaotic patriarchy that clearly are making every “wrong” decisions one can make but still holding on frantically to the rudder, in a bad way.
Bad for everyone involved. These bitchy women who no one ever bothered to listen to, have a difficulty to fake emotions thus the shitty face that men so abhor. While you are young you are still positive and making it happen, you get the attention and live in this amazing romantic illusion until the patriarchal simple carnal reality slowly peels off the joy piece by piece leaving a bad taste in ones mouth unless you are lucky and actually was surrounded by real people that actually practiced what they preached, then you are one of the few people that are actually living in peace.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 22, 2018

The Consented Male

There is no other species on this planet more spoilt than the male humans, in every culture and event they are uplifted and revered unfortunately no matter what they do or what they represent or say. The average goal is reproduction, status, recognition and an alpha male position, this need for fame and glory is sometimes placed even before responsibilities or even life.
This extreme attention can make males way full of themselves whereas they think everything and everybody spins round them as one would imagine the center of the Universe. Like little gods on this planet.
They are used by culture to have everyone’s undivided attention and also by culture to ignore the needs and petitions of the females. A man is used to get what he wants with a snap of his fingers. A man has to have a seemingly sexual woman by their side to culturally fit in and be a real man ( at least visually) and a woman has to have a man by her side to speak for her and give her the position and respect she I’ll never get on her own. This is because after all humans today are much more carnal than spiritual. The only problem with this is that things are changing, a woman is less likely to cover your back unless you are fully with her, she is less likely to be sexually available just because you have a great way of convincing her, she is less likely to fall for empty words and she is very likely to want to reach those goals herself, enjoy living an empowering life while loving and appreciating herself and her efforts and loved by God than living alongside an ungrateful, insecure man while being taken advantage of sexually and domestically while the men herald the other worlds of power in full freedom.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 12, 2018


This world is made up of a lot of distractions, these distractions affect your precision and mission. Along the way of the average human there are baits along the way, most people have at least one weakness these are additionally promoted fervently by those who do not wish to have any competition. These weaknesses are studied every moment you search anything on google. Important information will even be hidden. These are NOT democracies. While we all talk about wanting change and supporting something ethical that we believe in most people spend their money on survival followed by every unnecessary and unethical thing they can find, mainly because of habit and most people usually never get out of their comfort zone. Our society is additionally made up in a way that the moment you have more or extra money they already have an obligatory charge, tax, service or a product that you absolutely ” need” so it’s up to you not to fall into every temptation and to challenge your society. Money is a tool to make changes, its not the final goal. If you spend more money on beers or sexual encounters than investments then take a look at yourself. That’s the difference, the money you spend on stupid shit, intelligent people invest.

When that Jewish girl from a wealthy family brings all the acid trips or an ayahuasca celebration for your youth it’s clearly not for them to become empowered or even have fun, it’s done to take out as many of your kids as possible. A few of those will be lost along the way, if not in drugs then at least in sex, sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancies etc etc and now there are fewer people to “battle”. There are many ways of taking over territories starting with the mind and then being more awake than others while they sleep. People still do not understand that having only two(2) options of candidates funded by the big industries in politics is not the basics of democratic voting, you clearly have no choice, you only have two similar puppets with no brains.

Creating extremely materialistic people will make them hard and unforgiving, and extreme shoppers, their only goal are things and self – gratification, these are the kind of people that have no feelings for no one, they are trained in competition, separation, warring and destruction, they are not unified with the rest of humanity and they are also so distant from God and the light that they take on demonic proportions and negative vibrations until their soul practically leaves their body.

The one thing they don, t feel is love and their moves are born in their ego and they are simply not nice.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 12, 2018

Befriend your Weaknesses

We all have a dark side we struggle with, find out what your weakness and vulnerability is and study it closely, why is it there, what does it teach you ?
For example if anger is your weakness then befriend it, learn about it, try and understand it, the mental emotional and spiritual origins and you will be guided into how to handle it and shift this into something positive, you can use this side as a creative drive to make a lot of changes out there.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 12, 2018

The American Slave

The Jewish people have an amazing way of putting people against one another by simply offering temptations in every form, it can be money, fame or sex . If you have two people and can through specific actions assure their unhappiness you can ruin it for both and possibly even make money on it in the media later on.
For example, take one partner and in some way trick that person into make something undignified, this may not affect the average carnal person but if the other person is looking for something pure and deep may get shocked and reject that person, mission accomplished.


It makes one think about many things like for example IF it was so that certain groups or couples like soul mates on a mission could get very powerful if united then the goal is to break every chain in one way or another, you can easily destroy people mentally by consistently stressing them, ruining their businesses, send a steady stream of criminals, people that harass or purposefully create non stop events that give you no respite or rest, like constant obstacles, problems and delays on things, sounds or negative vibrations that break down the organism. They do it to suck the joy out of people and how many of these haven’t been violated by these same people and then suicided, to them it doesn’t matter if it’s sooner or later, they will probably need calming medication too along the way or in the worst case drugs which augment the depressions, it all comes down to business. How easy isn’t it for these people to deviate important messages and simply make you seem uncaring, cold or unprofessional. It’s enough to take out a word or two in a text to make it something completely different or even seem like you are saying the opposite of the original text. Then what is worse is that they display themselves as serious hardworking people with solid faithful relationships and always play victims to avoid taking responsibility for their actions. Many have now intermarried with other races to avoid the diseases so now many more are becoming Jewish through the mother .The holocaust isn’t anything you would wish on anyone but it’s unfortunately totally comparable to the absolute cruelty these people display when handling monetary issues and a supreme control of for example USA that they threaten and use for military power whom they need to back up their robbing of territory in Palestine. They have an unusual love for glimmering things like gold, diamonds and rubies and they love naming themselves after them to distinguish their super materialistic lifestyle that is not really human. When they talk you hear the word dollar in every sentence. The drive behind that much greed is disturbing, for example it’s a fact that their religion doesn,t permit using Jewish organs for transplants BUT there are cases here right now of organ trade originating in Costa Rica with New York contacts where humble people were offered small amounts of money for their organs, children have been found dead at the side of the roads with their guts cut open and organs missing. There are wealthy people here that employs under aged girls for sex and making porn movies and this is where the truth comes in; these people DO NOT believe in God, one of them actually asked his wife why on earth she was praying since they don’t need praying because THEY HAVE MONEY. That’s how come all these humble latin american people trick their nieces and nephews to come on a walk that they never come back alive from or maybe that girl is now sold, some even by their mentally unstable mother that can’t afford her medication, to someone wealthy and deranged that this innocent girl needs to please with sex. One entire family destroyed right there. All this because these people have pleasures, desires and needs and they have money and they know that some people will go very far for money without thinking and specially poor minorities and third world countries.

If you are not Jewish I do NOT suggest doing business with them, they have a distorted way of taking advantage of everyone, every step into any career they will use that carrot to get you closer to make a mistake that they can use against you later, fame is charged for with your soul since you, according to them is inferior in every way, and only a means for them to make their precious dollars that they worship, they are NOT going to give you fame, no matter how talented you are, if you want the big money you must sell your music with sex, date men of commercial interest, be a mediatic freak and an arrogant shopping diva and if there is nothing bad going on in your life they will simply create it by adding the missing ingredient, whatever it takes, people have been killed, since if they can make money on you going up and then down their mission is completed and you will simply be exchanged, they may even copy and use your ideas since they also have their people in the court systems and monetary power you probably don,t have a chance but what you can do is uplift your community and work with one another don,t let them in for their loyalty will NOT be there they will steal and pretend it was theirs and every high instance will agree upon it and you are just that one person that no one ever heard about just like many of them that today are accused of sexual abuse will bluntly deny their crimes and try and officially additionally humiliate and paint the victim as not serious, even if we all know it’s true. These are ice cold people. The women are also always showed as faithful and chaste which is far from the truth, many have lovers, many meddle with married men, are married and have lesbian relationships with their best friends, they love to pop pills and party and in fact undignified sexuality seems more rampant among the Jews than many other cultures. It’s interesting to me that several men I have met along the way have had had their entire lives destroyed by jewish interference afterwards. They completely lost it mentally and can, t speak about anything serious and these were some spiritually powerful men, which makes me really curious and wonder, what is it that they do and what is the final purpose?

To destroy a destiny that unfortunately for them is set in stone.
Jesus is back. Life and Love is back and no one can stop it.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 9, 2018

Leaps of Consciousness

Humans are designed to collaborate as one energetic force.

To enable this humans need not only to raise consciousness but to reach the same level. This means that there will be leaps of consciousness and some will have to leap more than others possibly living some rude awakenings at a very high speed.

To maintain energy levels high and purity of mind in these hectic times think seriously about what you put inside your body, power foods regenerate your cells compared to lifeless highly processed foods that will eventually kill you, for example a nutritious balanced diet create energy and a lighter more joyful experience and crystal clear messages from within, while for example meats are some of our most powerful afrodisiacs and make for a lower slightly more dense and oftentimes even more adrenaline filled and fearful experience (possibly picking up on that animals death), there is a feeling is of cloudiness even visually and you may experience a confusion of emotions and your are in a place where even mental visions are not being clear, this psychic senses and connection to the whole affecting the outcome thus it’s important to fast and cleanse if thoroughly if rooted in the carnal although if I may add, a higher being that maintains a balance is always connected eliminating the weak points of the toxic ups and downs for that reason being a superior human , more awake, more positive, more compassionate, environmental and less greedy.

Clear your mind from toxic negative thoughts and visualizations , become a master of your emotions learn how deflect bad vibes and turn around events and thoughts by choosing the outcome, staying extremely calm and in the pure light with every instinct turned on.


Someone on a clear mission with a very clear message.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 11, 2018

Prophecies today

A prophecy coming in today written the way the Bible is written for example would have the same social setup in the background but modernized, so instead of them going here and there by foot with the donkey and goats, seeing the people and spreading Gods loving word and sometimes sharp sword of words, in our society they would be immersed poverty and pollution, surrounded by promiscuity, violence and chaos, even Jesus went to cities and was surrounded by prostitutes he didn,t judge because he knew why they were there, the circumstances from where they came from, their family situation and he could actually see their innocence  and he threw all the tables of the market place in front of Gods temple.

So now, today, as I speak they come in with poetry, spoken word, rap and music compared to the ancient forms of speaking in public in towns and then in the middle of their story of life, BOOM here comes a huge message and then the chaotic background story immediately sort of fades away in the background as while your entire body reverberate with this truth.

This is how it’s read, in between the lines. Don’t focus on the buzz in the background. Focus on the message and don,t kill the messenger, there is an army of God people standing right behind every each and one of them.


Ric Flair Drip by Offset and Metro Boomin – see also important messengers like Kodak Black and Asap Mob


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | January 4, 2018

No te Limites

Nunca hay que poner un numero visualisando tu abundancia porque puede ser que logras mucho mas, por eso nada mas preparate para estar en esos niveles bien altos mentalmente, emocionalmente y physicalmente.

Pongate metas claras de corto y largo plazo da mas placer trabajar cuando sabes para que y te mueves mucho mas directo y no olvide celebrar cada paso de manera diaria.

Tenga mucha paciencia con tu mismo, muevete cuando las energias tuyas son altas y descanse cuando son bajas, asi seras siempre saludable y eficiente.


Circondate con gente que te inspire y te valore, que colaboren, personas que demuestran bondad, gente energetica y inteligente que no se la pasan todo el dia juzgando y hablando de los demas pero hacen y logran cosas grandes.

La verdad es que no tienes tiempo para perder.

La meta no es la plata , dinero es una herramienta para obtener lo que uno necesita, por eso cuando veo que la gente quieren dinero asi y nada mas y no importa como entiendo porque nunca llegan a la meta; La energia que hace las cosas mover es saber lo que vas a hacer con ese dinero. Cuando sabes exactamente lo que quieres hacer de manera firme y con conviccion sin desviarte, tu mente y cuerpo se empieza mover en esa direccion, en una sola direccion. Cada dia y cada paso es un logro que vas a celebrar, si te mueves lo suficiente en las cosas es obvio que vas a ver resultados, es hasta logico.

Es conveniente en la manana y antes de acostarte buscar soluciones en meditacion atraves de tus emociones y dejarte guiar por esta coneccion divina y tu intuicion que es muy refinada . Cuando estas muy segura mentalmente y todo esta bien pensado te mueves sin falla en lo fisico y material. No te vas a equivocar. La preguntas son ?Que mas puedo hacer ? Me he olvidado algun detalle?

Es importante saber que cuando haces lo que mas amas el trabajo se convierte en placer por eso no pierdas fe ni paciencia en el camino haciendo cosas que no te conviene y que ni te gusta o porque alguien mas te quiere ver alli, porque todo va de fijo a terminar mal cuando no sigues tu destino mas alto y tu mision en esta Tierra.

Todos estamos aqui para algo grande solo que nadie se los dijo o tal vez ni lo sabian porque la gente tienden a encerrarse en su pequeno mundo y creando sus ilusiones y como estan expuestos a information superficial desde afuera que tiene un proposito particular para presentarlo asi (muchas veces la razon es simplemente commercial), las verdades han sIdo casi extinguidos y reemplazados por miedos y paranoias sobre el futuro.

Ser humano es algo especial, somos una raza par excellence capaces de hacer grandes cosas en el Universo, somos de Origen Divino y es tiempo para levantarse y estar al nivel.

Is Costa Rica ready to become the next superpower?

Amor y Luz

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